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Blogging as Branding in the Social Media Age

In the internet’s salad days of the late 90s, blogging was cool. For the first time, individuals were able to bypass traditional media and potentially get their message out to the whole world. I even kept a blog in my teenage years, although I never could figure out how to get anybody outside of my family to read it! While the popularity of maintaining a personal blog declined in the early 00s, the practice never really went away, and many writers with talent and unique stories have built successful careers from humble blogging origins.
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Deadpool’s Secret Formula of Brand, Tone, and Social Media Success

Deadpool made $130 million in its opening weekend at the box office, and a large part of the movie’s success is credited to the clever marketing and social media efforts leading up to its release.

What I Learned Setting up a business in Thailand

How long does it take from having a good idea to actually setting up a business? David Norcross, of Lexicon Business Communications, takes us through the process step by step.

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America and the Rise of the Social Media Election

It’s true that politics in America will never be the same. But neither Donald Trump nor Bernie Sanders are the ones changing the game. Something much deeper is at work.

America’s two main political parties have dominated the halls of government for as long as anyone alive can remember. Once complacent, both Republican and Democrat leaders are now in desperation mode, unable to control even their own backyards as maverick contenders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders threaten to overturn decades of stable political management thanks in large part to the power of social media.
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Will the TPP Free Trade Agreement have a negative effect on Thailand?

AFTER five years of secretive negotiations, the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were recently agreed on by the 12 countries involved…

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