Austcham Thailand


The Australian Thai Chamber of Commerce (Austcham) is the most active and vibrant chamber of commerce in Thailand. Lexicon was engaged to develop a social media strategy on behalf of the chamber.

Industry: Chamber of Commerce
Service: Social Media & Content Strategy
Target Audience: Members and potential members
Brief: To develop a distinctive social media strategy.
Services: Thought Leadership and Social Media Strategy

Thought Leadership

Chambers of commerce exist to amplify their members and to help them to get more business. We assessed the communications strategy of all Thailand-based chambers and found that no chamber was presently doing a good job of amplifying its members through thought leadership.

Accordingly, we encouraged the chamber to set up a page on their website dedicated to thought leadership.  This content could then be easily shared on social media, and also gives members a link back to their own site to help with SEO.

Social Media Strategy

Now that members had a place to publish their thought leadership articles, the next step was to develop a strategy of amplification.

We assessed the chamber’s core values of Business, Community, and Connections and ascribed them to different types of content. Business became member-generated thought leadership-focused, community was centered around CSR and non-business events, and connections was formal networking events.


Each month, Austcham now chooses one theme and encourages members to submit content for publication. The first month’s theme of education included submissions from a number of leading international schools and training providers.

Austcham has always acted as a conduit to connect members with opportunities, and this thought leadership strategy is a logical extension of this approach. Members are able to gain credibility as thought leaders by association with the chamber while reciveing an SEO boost, and Austcham is able to fill up its social media channels with interesting, member-generated content to help build connections between members and the broader business community.

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