3 Ways to Retain Customers through Social Media

For every business, the main goals of any marketing strategy include increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers. Many marketers, however, fail to put adequate emphasis on keeping people regularly using their product or service, with the result that existing customers tend to drift away over time.

Customer retention has the major benefit of increasing revenue over the long term, and so it is worth taking a close look at ways to improve this metric. Our social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand has identified 3 ways to make use of your business’s social media platforms, to maintain a positive level of customer retention.

Put the Right Content in the Right Channel

The purpose of published content does not have to be either informative, entertaining, or persuasive – it can be all of these at once. Your educational content needn’t remain in a serious tone; it can just as easily be persuasive and fun. Creating the right effect is simply a matter of developing an engaging style of storytelling, with the help of some well-chosen visual elements.

The type of content you post should be tailored to the different social media platforms you use for publishing. Video works well on YouTube, but splitting your full-length video into small-sized snippets performs better on other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. Turning long-form content on websites into an infographic or image can be very impactful for platforms that specialize in shorter content, like Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t Overlook User-Generated Content

Marketing businesses tend to agree that user-generated content, or UGC, is a godsend if it is used properly. Nielsen Consumer Trust Index states that 92% of consumers use organic and UGC among their decision factors before making a purchase. Unsurprisingly, consumers say they trust UGC more than they trust traditional advertising.

Besides its salutary effect on decision-making, user-generated content also creates opportunities for your business to interact with its customers, and reward them for being loyal. One simple way to attract piles of user-generated content is by creating and promoting a hashtag (#). In this way, your existing customers can share their experience of using your product, your potential customers can see what others think about your brand, and your business can engage with those people directly and openly.

Establish and Share your Promotion

Discounts and promotions are always welcomed by customers, improving both brand loyalty and overall sales.

While some promotions may not be as effective with new customers (as they may hesitate to give your brand a try), they tend to work well with your existing customers. These customers are far less likely to drift toward other brands within the market if you offer an additional incentive such as a discounted price. Sharing brand promotions on social media platforms is a great way to keep customers within your brand ecosystem.

Customer retention doesn’t often require a substantial investment, yet a well-targeted approach can bring amazing returns. When combined with other social media-powered marketing strategies, your business can benefit from greater outcomes at a lower overall cost. If you are not sure where to start, contact our video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand, and motion graphics agency in Bangkok, Thailand today.

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