BNI Universal Case Study


Members of BNI Universal meet at 6.30am every Tuesday morning at the Sheraton to exchange business. The group is open only to business owners.

BNI Universal engaged Lexicon to devise a social media marketing strategy and help promote their Open Day.

We attended a number of BNI meetings, conducted interviews with key members of the group, and studied the language used by BNI chapters globally.

Industry: Business Referral Organization
Service: Fusion Marketing
Target Audience: expat B2B decision makers in Bangkok
Brief: Increase brand awareness, increase attendance at Open Day
Methods: website design, video production, photography, audience research, thought leadership, social media management, targeted advertising.

Video Production

The idea of waking up at 5am for networking was seen to be a major hurdle to increasing attendance. We decided that the best way to overcome this obstacle and show BNI Universal’s value was to produce a video that captured the event, its members and its benefits.

Web Design & Photography

Another significant hurdle to promoting the Open Day was the lack of a presentable website where guests could register for the event. Lexicon designed a basic site for BNI Universal, including writing the site’s web copy and first guest blog post.

Thought Leadership

As BNI Universal is a collection of Bangkok professionals, we identified thought leadership as an excellent way for members to share their industry insights and connect with their target audience of fellow Bangkok-based professionals.

Social Media Management & Marketing

With an updated website, an introductory video and member video profiles completed, we began marketing with the objective of increasing brand awareness and event registration.
To maximize the campaign’s effectiveness, we only targeted Bangkok business owners, and excluded all other demographics.

Event Attendance

The BNI Universal Open Day was held on 6th June, 2017 and was attended by 60 people. This represents a 50% increase in attendance from the organisation’s previous open house event.


We used Lexicon’s digital marketing concept to help BNI Universal develop its brand message and connect with its target audience. After our month of working with the client, they had actively engaged with over 20,000 Bangkok businesspeople and were in a strong position to capitalize on their Open Day’s success.

Lexicon did a fantastic job of refreshing our brand and connecting us with a whole new audience. The success of our open day is down to Lexicon’s excellent content and social media marketing.Sanan Phanichkrivalkosil, BNI Universal President
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