What does Lexicon mean?

Lexicon is an old Greek world that means: the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.

We chose this name for our company as we specialize in using creative language to tell our clients’ stories in engaging and compelling ways.

What does the circle in the logo represent?

The Lexicon circle evolved out of our 2017 re-brand and is a semiotic representation of three distinct ideas:

1) Teamwork is a Lexicon core value and the circle represents the holistic, joined-up nature of our services as numerous creative departments must work together in order to deliver complex projects to our clients.

2) We fit in wherever there’s a gap in a company’s marketing department. The circle represents how we effortlessly take a role in our client’s organization, whether as a fully-outsourced Bangkok online marketing agency solution, for copywriting support or for our full range of multimedia design services, including video production, branding, logo design, photography and graphic design.

3) The circle also represents our Fusion Marketing concept, which fuses the best of traditional and digital marketing techniques to provide a complete digital marketing strategy. Read more about Fusion Marketing and our digital marketing agency in Bangkok here.

Where are you based?

We are located on the 13th floor of the C.C.T Building on Surawong Road. This office building offers free parking and is easily accessible by BTS Sala Daeng or MRT Silom.

How much do you charge for your writing services?

We can charge by the project or keep track of the work we do and charge by the hour. We offer copywriting, editing and translating services in English or Thai. Rates start from 1,200 THB per hour. You can see some samples and learn more about the pricing for our content writing services here.

How much do you charge for your social media marketing services?

Our social media marketing page has information on four different social media packages with prices starting from 10,000 THB per month for a 1-year commitment. Please get in touch with us for more information about these packages, or if you’d like to add/remove any element in order to get a bespoke quote.

Which video production services do you offer?

We offer all of the services you’d expect from a video production agency in Bangkok. We can write scripts, film and edit, plus develop graphics, soundtrack and voice over in post production.

How much do you charge for your multimedia design services?

Multimedia design work is usually quoted by the project. You can see samples of our video production and graphic design work here.

Can you help me get to #1 on Google?

Google rewards companies that actively produce high quality content on a regular basis, while also factoring in certain technical requirements. We don’t offer SEO as a main service area, but high Google rankings are a byproduct of producing great thought leadership content. For evidence of the effectivness of thought leadership, see these Google results.

What is Fusion Marketing

Fusion Marketing is the name we use for our complete digital marketing agency solution. There are ten steps involved, which cover strategy, content, social media, PR and data analytics. These ten steps represent best practice for online marketing. You can read an extensive Fusion Marketing case study here.

Wait, I’ve got more Questions!

Great. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just click the big blue button below and we’ll get quickly back to you.


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