When Inspiyer first contacted Lexicon, they were a new company that specialized in training groups and individuals to be better public speakers. Lexicon was engaged for three months to promote two workshops for Inspiyer.

Industry: Training Provider
Service: Social media management & marketing, content writing
Target Audience: Professional expats in Bangkok
Brief: Drive attendance to upcoming workshops.
Methods: Audience research, social media planning & management, social media marketing, content writing, event promotion


As Inspiyer was a new company, it was without the basic marketing resources of a website or social media page. We helped set these up as first priority, while conducting audience research. As there was a limited advertising budget, we identified a very specific target audience of expats in Bangkok with an interest in professional development. All content was designed to attract this audience, and ultimately entice them to attend Inspiyer’s workshops.

Content Writing

We identified a gap in the existing market for training providers in Bangkok. No firm was effectively offering advice through social media, so we decided to apply a thought leadership approach and frame Inspiyer as leading experts in all matters relating to public speaking. To address the concerns and needs of the target audience, we offered free advice and guidance on topics relating to giving presentations, writing speeches, and public speaking in general.

The benefits of a thought leadership approach are that you’re proving your expertise to your target audience before asking them to take action. If you’ve done a good job of addressing their needs and interests, they’ll be open to whatever your call to action suggests. In this instance, the call to action was to attend one of Inspiyer’s upcoming seminars.

Social Media Marketing

With a clearly identified target audience and strategic content production plan, we took to social media.

Advertising through Facebook enables you to speak to very segmented niche audiences. We identified 10,000 people that were likely to benefit from Inspiyer’s courses and, via sponsored ads, ensured that each of them saw every Inspiyer thought leadership article.

Event Promotion

The call to action for each thought leadership article was to register for the event on Facebook.

We also sponsored the event pages, which ensured that Inspiyer’s 10,000-people target audience would see them. Therefore, for a couple of months, this audience saw Inspiyer’s content every day on Facebook: each time offering them free advice and guidance; and presenting an image of a much larger company.


Inspiyer’s two workshops saw attendance of 55 people. The company started with zero name recognition, and yet over the course of three months, 55 people were convinced to leave home and attend these events.

Social media was the only platform used to promote the events.

With a limited marketing budget, Inspiyer’s campaign took place over just a few months and spoke to a small, highly segmented niche audience. The benefits of combining thought leadership with social media marketing, as shown above, are applicable to companies of any size and industry. Get in touch to find out how Lexicon can help your company grow.

They are professional, competent, knowledgeable, friendly, and super hard working. If you want to launch your product, company, or ideas, look no further. Lexicon offers multiple approaches to getting you and your services well known to the public eye. For my company, this will be a long-term partnership!Robert Iyer, Founder, Inspiyer
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