Iconic Women Alliance (IWA)


Iconic Women Alliance (IWA) is an organization that aims to create a community for executive Thai women.  IWA hosts events and wants to be seen as a thought leader to its target audience on issues related to work, mental health and relationships.

Industry: Events/Members Club
Services: Brand development, strategy, social media management, targeted advertising, event promotion, content writing, video production, illustration
Target Audience: Affluent Bangkok-based women
Brief: To develop the IWA brand. position IWA as a thought leader on Thai women’s issues, help manage the launch of IWA, and promote its events between October and December 2017.


IWA’s target audience is Bangkok-based businesswomen. Lexicon identified a segmented target audience for targeting of 80,000 high-worth Thai women based on the university they attended and their preferred news sources.

Social Media

Lexicon worked with IWA to create daily content to be used on social media with each day representing a different theme and each piece of content promoted to the target audience.

By creating engaging on-brand content designed to appeal specifically to this high-value, niche audience, IWA were able to quickly establish themselves as a voice of authority on women’s related issues and the page quickly grew.

Video Production

All content was focused around iconic women and Lexicon produced weekly video content with some of the most iconic women in Thailand.

Content Writing

As IWA does not have a website, all content Lexicon created was hosted on Facebook. The only exception was thought leadership content, which was hosted on Medium. 


Lexicon’s illustrators created a series of iconic and unique drawings to support IWA’s social media content. These images are distinctive and mostly used on-brand feminine colours. 

Event Promotion

IWA held events focused on women’s issues. Lexicon handled the advertising of the events on social media. We used the written, visual and video content we created to build hype with the audience. The first major event ‘SHEconomy’ sold 60 tickets at 800 THB per ticket for an event that was held on a Thurssday afternoon. This is despite there being no brand awareness at all only 2 months prior.


Lexicon helped IWA establish proof of concept during this three-month contract. The organization developed a coherent social media calendar, content focus and visual style. Most importantly, IWA were able to speak directly to their target audience of high-worth women on a daily basis, resulting in steady page growth, engagement and a sold out event.

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