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PKF International is a tax, audit and advisory company with a presence in 150 countries worldwide.

Lexicon was engaged to produce content around the theme of Brexit.

Thought Leadership

As PKF is a leading professional services provider with a global presence, we decided to create an article that would examine how Brexit would impact countries around the world. We researched into the details of Brexit, and also conducted interviews with PKF member firms around the world to get their insights.

Lexicon had previously helped PKF to develop an official company tone of voice, and this article was written to those guidelines.

The call to action for the article directed traffic to users’ local PKF member website.

Target Audience

While a technical analysis may be useful for those in the same industry, and a playful irreverent article may be good for the general public, the audience for this campaign was decision makers – the kind of people who make the choice on which professional service providers to use.

We built a psychological profile of this audience and discovered they were frequently associated with Rotary International and BNI. This knowledge is very useful to consider when creating content, but is essential when doing content marketing as it keeps the advertising spend in check. As we had a limited ad spend, we chose to target at 35 to 50-year olds in all English speaking countries, as well as a few others countries with a PKF presence.

Social Media

The article was posted to PKFI Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and was shared 41 times in its original form on Facebook, as well as many more times on other platforms in quotation, video and original form.

Facebook allows for very specific levels of targeting, and we were able to get our content directly to BNI and Rotary members. We also ran some smaller campaigns targeting people who were interested in similarly-sized firms, such as Mazars.


The article wasn’t optimized for any particular terms on Google, although it is best practice to optimize for whatever terms you’re looking to rank for. Nonetheless, the article ranks at #3 on Google UK for the rather specific title of the article.


The article was hosted on, brought in traffic from all over the world and was the most read article on the site in 2016.

A quarter of all visits came from the UK, and an average of 4.33 minutes was spent reading the article. This data means that we can be confident that quality users were brought in by this campaign.

In addition, 12.5% of readers took the call to action on the site to find out more and make an enquiry. Bringing in any client from this type of campaign ensures that return on investment is paid off multiple times over instantly, as deals in this industry are usually conducted in the 10s of thousands.

A whole new audience saw the PKF name for the first time, and the firm’s burgeoning social media followings experienced significant growth from the ideal target audience.

For companies in the professional service industries, this type of campaign is an excellent way to differentiate and to build positive associations with the target audience. By regularly sharing free expertise, firms can position their organization as genuine thought leaders.

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