In these uncertain times, you need to reduce overheads and focus on the core of your business. But you can’t afford to go silent with your marketing. It’s the engine that generates new business. By outsourcing your marketing to Lexicon, you’ll have Bangkok’s best brand storytellers working for you, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time in-house marketing department.

Lexicon could be your marketing team for 2021 and beyond – with design, video, strategy, tech, and social media all under one roof.


Cost: 50,000 THB per month 

Personal Branding is a COVID-19 proof strategy that allows you to communicate directly with your target audience through LinkedIn. Lexicon manages Personal Branding for many of Thailand’s leading executives and we can manage for you, too.

Lexicon will position you as a thought leaders in your field by showing your expertise on a daily basis, including by creating a monthly thought leadership article and producing a piece of high quality video content each month, whether green screen/CGI, podcast or TV-style webinar.

10 Video productionS at Lexicon StudioS

Cost: 250,000 THB (50% OFF)

Value: 500,000 THB

Lexicon’s in-house studio is fully soundproof with high quality internet access and audio equipment.  
Visit us to host your webinars, podcasts and produce creative green screen videos. Do you want to be a newsman or a weatherman? Alternatively, perhaps you’d prefer to turn your bland PowerPoint presentation into something more colourful?

10 videos produced

Service period: valid for 12 months

Service period:
valid for 12 months

Payment period: prior to 31st march, 2021

Payment period:
prior to 31st march, 2021