About Us

Who we are:
A multi-national, Bangkok-based collective of experienced professionals with a shared passion for communication. We operate as a team, bringing experience, quality and cultural literacy to our work. We know the world of digital marketing and we are here to stay.

What we do:
We bring together traditional and contemporary forms of marketing, branding and storytelling in an innovative process we call Fusion Marketing.

Marketing for an online world:
As Lexicon’s primary offering, Fusion Marketing brings together Lexicon’s content writing, social media management and visual design to create a modern engine that’s stronger than its individual parts and increases in power the longer it runs.

While Fusion Marketing is ideal for medium to large companies with a marketing budget of over a million Thai baht per year, our individual services are also available on an ad-hoc basis.

The Lexicon Team
Dedicated – Professional – Enthusiastic – Multicultural – Experts in Digital Communication

We are defined by our values. We are:
Reliable – Creative – Multidisciplinary – Dependable – Supportive – Responsive

The Lexicon Work Ethic

We take ownership of every project we work on. When a job needs to be done, we work overtime if necessary to ensure its completion at a level of quality befitting an industry leader.

We don’t cut corners. Every task needs to be approached with care, and we always welcome and act upon suggestions for improvement. When we make promises, we mean them.

We know that creativity requires inspiration, and our hunger for success motivates everything we do. We set out to add as much value as we possibly can to every element of our output.

We feel that engagement with a variety of audiences is best achieved when our team can draw on a multiplicity of backgrounds and a diverse range of personal experiences for our ideas and insights.

Experts in Digital Communication
We believe that quality depends on preparation as much as effort. Every service we offer is the product of hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of study, practice and real-world experience.

The Lexicon Spirit

We’re always hungry: To learn about new industries. To fill in our picture of how the world works. To build a new and effective strategy for each company or organization.

Every department at our company relies on artistry and technique, and every project is a chance for us to get better at what we do. We welcome the challenge to hone, refine and expand our craft. Every new client gives us a chance to become more effective professional educators, entertainers and marketers.

We build partnerships with our clients, gauging our own success by measuring theirs. We work well because we believe in our clients and we believe in what we do, from top to bottom.

We believe that every new project demands special research and care in order to get it right the first time. This extra effort lets us understand precisely what the situation requires, so that our efforts will ultimately be insightful and effective.

Our goals of true value-added commentary, arresting and impactful image creation, and precisely targeted social media campaigns depend on preparation as much as talent. In order to create engaging content, we must first truly engage with the material ourselves in a way that motivates us.