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Lexicon believes that creative storytelling is the catalyst
for change towards a better world

Sustainability Marketing

Lexicon believes that creative storytelling is the catalyst for change towards a better world.

Are you looking to tell your sustainability story? Lexicon provides a full suite of storytelling solutions designed to amplify your social impact and planet-friendly contributions. 

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We work with world-leading NGOs, governments and the private sector to create animations, videos, infographics, social media campaigns, websites and more. We know that every sustainability story is unique and meaningful. We’re eager to tell yours.


Friederich Ebert Stiftung: overcame gender-based harassment (Pakistan)


FES supports public debates on gender justice as gender based violence is both the cause and result of gender inequaly. This is the story of Aisha, a university student in Pakistan who began a women’s group to prevent the harassment she and her friends faced on their daily bus commutes. Lexicon was involved for script writing, animation, and video production.

P4I: Inclusive Growth Through Sustainable Infrastructure


The Partnerships for Infrastructure initiative from the Australian government partners with Southeast Asia to foster inclusive and sustainable growth through infrastructure such as renewable energy. This animation-style video explains the key activities and core values of P4I. Lexicon was involved for script writing, animation, and video production.

Dusit International: Sustainable Tourism, Listen to the Earth in Silence


Dusit International supports sustainable tourism through eco train travel, locally-source organic food, and a focus on wellbeing around nature. It was established during the pandemic to “showcase how events and functions can be held safely, responsibly, and sustainably in the new normal while delivering meaningful experiences for guests.” With panoramic shots, seamless editing, creative use of audio, and just the right amount of text to carry the narrative forward, it’s a great example of how Lexicon captures the essence of a destination through visual storytelling.

INSEE: sustainable waste management solutions


One of the greatest impacts on sustainability comes from waste management. Lexicon amplified the sustainable waste management solutions of INSEE through a brand new website, executive branding and video production. Inadequate waste management leads to widespread pollution that can contaminate the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we all call home.

British Embassy: A Colouring Book About Climate Change


Climate change is one the biggest treats humans have ever faced. Lexicon worked with the British Embassy in Bangkok in 2020 to design a unique colouring book for the Thai government addressing the dangers about disrupting the equilibrium of natural systems. A creative and succesfulway to keep the dangers of climate change visible and engage the debate.

United Nations: life-cycle approach


Population aging presents challenges and opportunities to older persons and affects all aspects of the societies in which they live. It is an important multidimensional reality of major relevance for sustainable development requiring a life-cycle approach. Lexicon documented the United Nations Regional Conference on International Plan of Action on Ageing in a compelling video.

Indorama: Mission Statement for Sustainable Production


Indorama commits to playing a constructive role by contributing to the achievement of the following Sustainable Development Goals and made global commitment to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This video shows Indorama’s commitment to make products that are focused on being environmentally friendly, contributing to the circular economy, and reducing resource consumption and emissions to fight climate change.

USAID: Accelerating Gender Equity in Southeast Asia’s Fisheries (Philippines)


Fishing is traditionally thought of as a man’s profession, but in Southeast Asia, women make up more than 50% of the industry’s workforce. Despite their important role, women’s work often goes unseen. This video provides an overview of women’s role in the fishing industry in Southeast Asia. While the video features communities and workplaces in Southern Mindanao, Philippines, it represents many of the gender roles and challenges women experience throughout the region.

How do we differentiate



Sustainable marketing is the process of communicating your commitment to sustainability to your customers, employees, partners and investors. Shared values regarding sustainable developemt are quickly becoming the way to build credible relationships and it requires storytelling. 

We speclize in communicating  your purpose, activities and results that promote environmental wellbeing, empower people’s lives, and contribute to economic development in an auhtehtic and compelling way. We help our clients telling many types of sustainability stories. From awareness rising campaigns and mission statements to monitoring ESG progress, acceleration collaboration and championing voices of change. 

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Lexicon is passionate about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and believes they provide an opportunity and reference point for people, governmental organizations and corporations to join collaborative sustainable transformation. Adding purpose to your brand isn’t just good for the planet and the people, it’s good for profit too.



Lexicon offers a wide range of creative services to amplify your sustainable journey across various touchpoints such as video, web design, animation, executive branding, digital and print media. We use creative communications and storytelling to empower your pathways for change. 

Data Rules. Except when you want people to remember and care about something. Then, you need to use creative storytelling.




Lexicon’s creative storytelling is easy for our target audience to understand. They use storytelling for content writing, infographic design, animation works and VDO shooting. All  productions were delivered in best quality and timeline. It was my great pleasure to get chance to work with the Lexicon team. Thank you for all the impressive works your team delivered for Citi.
Warunee Ariyavutikul
Digital Sales & Marketing | Citi Thailand
Lexicon always produces exceptional work for both Citigold and Citi Priority as can be seen with our Digital Engagement VDO project.
Warunee Ariyavutikul
Digital Sales & Marketing | Citi Thailand

The Lexicon design team is highly creative and helps to encapsulate our brand in its modern incarnation.

Greg Watkins
Executive Director | British Chamber of Commerce

Lexicon’s creative video team helps ensure the BCCT story reaches its intended audience online.

Greg Watkins
Executive Director | British Chamber of Commerce

It’s a pleasure to work with the Lexicon website team.

Vincent Aloysius
CEO | INSEE Ecocyle

Lexicon has helped me to connect better with my target audience on LinkedIn.

James Egremont
| Connexus

If you want to build your brand you must tell your story, and to tell your story, look no farther than David Norcross and his incredibly gifted storytellers at Lexicon. Their professional advice and support are helping me reach the audience I’ve been looking for.

Larry S. Persons, PhD
Founder and CEO | CQ Leadership Consulting, LLC

Lexicon helped us to update our digital marketing strategy and the results have been impressive.

Greg Watkins
Executive Director | British Chamber of Commerce Thailand

David Norcross and his team at Lexicon got it right away – our vision for the re-design of our quarterly, trade magazine “Voyageur”. It now has a clean, sleek look which makes readers want to pick up the magazine and delve in. Besides their wonderful creativity, the team is an absolute delight to work with. I cannot do anything but highly recommend them.

Rose Swagemakers
Executive Director | Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Lexicon always produces exceptional storytelling content for us. We have worked with them on web design, content writing, design and animation projects and are delighted with the results.

James Egremont
Director - Asia Pacific | Connexus Global

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