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Digital transformation is revolutionising your industry. At the same time, your business is growing and adapting constantly. In this context, how do you keep pace with change while scaling your business and keeping payroll expenses under control as knowledge is lost with employee turnover? 

You need to upgrade some of your people and manual processes with technology. Turn your receptionist into a booking app; turn your security guard into an interactive GPS map or adapt LINE so that your account managers can interact better with your employees and customers. You can see some examples at the bottom of this page.

The Lexicon Tech Lab is on hand to support you with the process of Digitalizing though our Web App Development Agency in Bangkok, Thailand. A custom web app is oftentimes a great way of digitalizing your processes. Our experienced development team creates custom backends that let you manage data in a structured way while providing a clean, on-brand frontend for your clients to use. 



First is Digitising – you did this when you moved your paper documents into excel and word.


Second is Digitalizing – automating your processes and making your data work for you.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a 3-step process. When that’s all done, you can begin the process of digital transformation, which is revolutionising your business model at scale.

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CPN Callpoint


The Central Ladprao team wanted to improve their parking services by allowing people to use their smartphone and remember where they were parked. The focus was put on using Line and web technologies as the client did not wanted the users to have to install and application on their phone.


The Lexicon Tech Lab worked with Central Pattana (CPN) to develop a webapp that will remind where users are parked by simply scanning the QR code on a pillar. User can also see a map of the floor they parked on or call for help with the click of a button and the security guard on that floor will get notified of the request.

The British Club Booking App


The British Club Bangkok has an extensive choice of sport courts that their member can book according to a set of rules (maximum bookings per week…). Before that booking were done via phone and email and it was difficult to keep track of everything.


Lexicon Tech Lab built a custom web app that enables members to book sport courts, restaurants and more, while following the club’s booking rules. Now bookings can be done with just a few taps on a smartphone and available timeslots are updated in real time. The app recorded over 2,000 bookings in its first month and the feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive.

A leading global FMCG brand


The client needed a better way than traditional emails to reach out to a fleet of 500 mobile employees. Lexicon helped implement an internal communication platform that sends instant messages and rich content through Line using the Line Messaging API.


The system was later extended to provide interactive commands for employees to access their KPIs and other key information such as a company directory. All accessible securely inside of Line. 2 years after it’s launch the application is still actively used and has been extended to external communication as well.




Lexicon’s creative storytelling is easy for our target audience to understand. They use storytelling for content writing, infographic design, animation works and VDO shooting. All  productions were delivered in best quality and timeline. It was my great pleasure to get chance to work with the Lexicon team. Thank you for all the impressive works your team delivered for Citi.
Warunee Ariyavutikul
Digital Sales & Marketing | Citi Thailand
Lexicon always produces exceptional work for both Citigold and Citi Priority as can be seen with our Digital Engagement VDO project.
Warunee Ariyavutikul
Digital Sales & Marketing | Citi Thailand

The Lexicon design team is highly creative and helps to encapsulate our brand in its modern incarnation.

Greg Watkins
Executive Director | British Chamber of Commerce

Lexicon’s creative video team helps ensure the BCCT story reaches its intended audience online.

Greg Watkins
Executive Director | British Chamber of Commerce

It’s a pleasure to work with the Lexicon website team.

Vincent Aloysius
CEO | INSEE Ecocyle

Lexicon has helped me to connect better with my target audience on LinkedIn.

James Egremont
| Connexus

If you want to build your brand you must tell your story, and to tell your story, look no farther than David Norcross and his incredibly gifted storytellers at Lexicon. Their professional advice and support are helping me reach the audience I’ve been looking for.

Larry S. Persons, PhD
Founder and CEO | CQ Leadership Consulting, LLC

Lexicon helped us to update our digital marketing strategy and the results have been impressive.

Greg Watkins
Executive Director | British Chamber of Commerce Thailand

David Norcross and his team at Lexicon got it right away – our vision for the re-design of our quarterly, trade magazine “Voyageur”. It now has a clean, sleek look which makes readers want to pick up the magazine and delve in. Besides their wonderful creativity, the team is an absolute delight to work with. I cannot do anything but highly recommend them.

Rose Swagemakers
Executive Director | Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Lexicon always produces exceptional storytelling content for us. We have worked with them on web design, content writing, design and animation projects and are delighted with the results.

James Egremont
Director - Asia Pacific | Connexus Global

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