5 Graphic Design Trends for 2020

design trends

Graphic design is a constantly evolving and dynamic field. With endless possibilities, it can be hard to predict what the future will hold. But we are confident that the following design trends will be huge in 2020.

Line art

Line art is a schematic, simplified illustration style. As such, it is great for conveying concepts and ideas. It looks clean, elegant, and unobtrusive. Line art

is already one of the preferred decoration styles in graphic design and it is expected to become even more popular in 2020.

Simplified illustrations

The lack of detail allows designers to focus less on the art itself and more on the message it conveys. Although the illustrations often look oversimplified, sketchy, and even … childish, they provide a powerful device that allows the narrative to be the most prominent feature of the storytelling.

We expect to see a lot more simplified illustrations in 2020.

design trends
design trends

A sense of vintage design

Often in the world of design, everything new is well-forgotten old. Vintage style is increasingly being used in typography and lettering for brand identity and package design. It seems that in 2020, we will see even more of this design blast from the past.

design trends
design trends

Isometric illustrations

Isometric illustrations have been popular for many years and have gone through many different iterations.

Often used for infographic design, web design, and presentation design, they are a preferred style because of their versatility and ability to illustrate 3-dimensional objects on a 2-dimensional surface.


Typography craze

This trend is expected to flourish in 2020. Figuratively and literally!

Decorated with beautiful flowers and geometric shapes, typography is certainly an attention grabber. Combined with the maxi typography trend of 2019, artistic typography is expected to really stand out in 2020.

design trends
design trends
design trends

The future looks sleek

In 2020, we will see design work with typography, mesmerizing color combinations, line art, and many more amazing trends. To learn more about what graphic design styles could work best for telling your brand’s story, contact Lexicon today.


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