Digital marketing trends to look out for in 2021 – Part 4: Websites and Apps

Lockdowns and business closures led to extraordinary levels of digital activity in 2020, from online meetings to e-commerce and more. Even after a vaccine is nationally distributed in Thailand, which will still be months from now at the earliest, levels of digital activity will likely only continue to increase. To thrive in this new environment, businesses will need a strong online presence grounded in cutting-edge websites and apps.

Fast loading times, intuitive layouts, and well-designed back-end systems will keep people using your site or app, as they learn to associate your brand with smooth and competent service. But reaching this goal won’t be easy. Handling all the details yourself would cost you precious time and resources, taking your business away from its core specialty. Fortunately, our web agency in Bangkok can design and implement high-quality websites and apps, helping you tell the right story for your brand.

Here are some trending features to increase user engagement in 2021:

1. Eye-catching infographics

Infographics have been instrumental in educating the public during the COVID-19 era, making infection and impact data easy for anyone to understand. As people grow accustomed to absorbing information in this way, businesses in all industries can benefit. The key is to present your data without overcrowding it, helping readers process the essential elements, and keeping each visual easy on the eye throughout your websites and apps.

2. Revamped e-commerce design

The e-commerce boom is here to stay, and you’ll need a reliable and easy-to-use platform to sell directly to customers online. As surely as a confusing layout can drive customers away, creative and fluid user interface design will make navigating around your website a true pleasure. Provide a buttery-smooth flow of information to keep customers coming back again and again to your platform.

3. Enhanced photography

Visuals play a fundamental role in displaying your brand and products, but the proper balance is needed. Website loading speeds can suffer if you incorporate images poorly, while making your photos too small can render your product unclear to users – particularly if they are on smartphones. By keeping to the right image sizes and formats, you can have the best of both worlds: High-quality, detailed pictures within a fast website or app.

With these trends in mind for 2021, you may already have a good idea about what to aim for – while remaining unsure of where to start. Our web agency in Bangkok can help you flesh out your ideas, integrating these and other creative storytelling elements to boost your overall brand value as we look ahead to a new, post-COVID era of business.


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