How a Custom Web App Could Put Your Business Ahead of Its Competitors

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Hi, I’m Maxime, CTO at Lexicon. My Lexicon Tech Lab does website development and web app development in Bangkok, Thailand for companies of all sizes and budgets.

To get started, I’d like to give you a specific example of how web apps help businesses to save time and resources while minimizing human error. My team recently built the British Club website and booking web app.

As a result, it’s now easier than ever for members to book squash or tennis courts, reserve tables for restaurants or book events. And while previously, staff were required to answer phones, take notes and reply to emails. These days, those very same staff can focus fully on the member experience on-site.

This is a great example of digitalization in action. Digitization is when you take your analogue data and make it digital (paper to excel); digitalization occurs when you enable that data to work for you. Web apps are perfect digitalization tools that are only going to grow in importance in the coming years.

While web apps are very common and are integrated in much of our daily life online, many people still don’t fully understand what a web app actually is.

Every time you book a flight on your browser or log into LinkedIn on Chrome, you are using a web app. Web apps appear native in browsers both online and on your mobile; yet they are distinct from standard website.

They key to understanding a web app is that if you add input, it can change the output. By that definition, even Google Docs are considered web apps.

To remain competitive in today’s online business environment, companies must give customers a way to identify their brand, learn about its products and services, and participate in a responsive online community. All of this is made possible through web applications.

Here are some ways that you can build custom web applications in Thailand to raise engagement for your business.


For most web applications, customization is a major selling point. This means letting customers tinker with details and choose from a variety of options to suit their personal preferences. Companies that offer customization are more likely to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Examples of this include Food Panda where not only can you choose from a myriad of restaurants, but you can also customize your order, adding and removing items as you wish. Imagine what that process looked like in the past. By developing a web app solution a process which would have taken an hour, at least, no happens in seconds. No more leaving the house, driving to a restaurant, parking, reviewing the menu, telling the waiter your specific, modified order, then sending the food back when it’s not right!

This is also a perfect example of digitalization in action. Processes in your business that once took hours or days can be simplified through a web app development. Whether for HR functions, sales, customer communication or accounting. There are web apps to solve all of your manual processing needs.


Scalability pertains to the web application’s ability to handle massive amounts of internet traffic without any downtime issues or malfunctions. This is essential for businesses that wish to bolster their revenue and growth.

Luckily, this is an easy solution. Just ensure you choose the best hosting package to cover the amount of traffic you are expecting. And don’t worry, you can usually upgrade your hosting package fairly easily if things go better than you had planned.


Most online businesses provide portals for customers to make transactions. A lot of personal data is typically processed within these payment portals, which therefore require high-end security systems.

Web apps can address these issues using the best security systems on the market, significantly reducing the likelihood of security breaches.

Again, a simple way to imagine a web app is that it plugs into your static website to provide a customizable portal where users can alter the output of the system. Learn more about integrating payment gateways into your web app here.


In this age of digital transformation, businesses continue to embrace digital solutions to automate their minor processes, from form filling on spreadsheets, to data organization, and more.

Web apps keep all your data centralized, making it accessible from anywhere and more easily organized for better analysis.

Think of Xero as a largescale example of this. What was once paper-based and complicated financial information is now easily available through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Many similar solutions can be purchased off the shelf, but if you’re looking to build your own customized web app in Bangkok, then the prices are likely to be a lot lower than you think. Often starting from as low as a few hundred thousand THB.


Although it can be challenging to put a price on web application development, it is typically less expensive than creating a mobile app. This is because only one version of the software is created to support several operating systems, reducing the amount of time spent on development.

Therefore, custom web application development may be your best alternative if you’re on a tight budget but still want to integrate bespoke software into your business.

In-depth tracking and analytics

The greatest and only way to assess actual success within a company is to use a data-driven strategy — and web apps let you include powerful analytics right from the start. Dashboards can be rapidly and readily modified to monitor the performance of various indicators. The data they collect and organize can be used to assess past business performance and make plans for upcoming engagements with clients.

Easy maintenance

Users are burdened by mobile apps’ updating requirements, with updates often required to ensure proper functioning over time. Web apps however, are hosted online and therefore updated upon access to the web, eliminating the need for users to perform them manually. The fewer system updates that annoy your users, the more clients you will draw, which will improve your business growth.

24/7 services and contractability

You can run your business around-the-clock if you choose web application development. Customers may peruse your company’s offerings whether at home, at work, or even in between Muay Thai lessons thanks to web apps.

This is good news, but not necessarily for your wallet while going on an ordering spree at Lazada at 3am in the morning!

Web apps are very simple to access from any browser or device. And to improve experience even more, consider offering your audience a chatbot-powered customer service feature for genuine 24-hour support.

Get started today

Of course, you don’t have to do all of this by yourself. Our web app development agency in Bangkok can help you create the best web apps for your brand. We custom-build every new tech project to guarantee longevity, fast loading speeds, optimal security, ease of maintenance, and fully unique designs. Our commitment to creativity and customization is integral to Lexicon’s storytelling-driven approach to marketing.

About the Author

Maxime Schmitt is CTO at Lexicon over 15 years of experience as a software developer with a specialism in developing progressive web applications. Maxime is a leader of the British Chamber of Commerce Digital Technology Committee and a regular guest speaker on web applications.

Lexicon is an award-winning brand storytelling agency focusing on telling impactful stories for clients based in Thailand and South East Asia. As well as integrated tech solutions, they also help tell clients’ stories through social media, branding and video production.


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