How Digital Marketing is Like Online Dating

how digital marketing is like online dating

If you are one of the 280 million people forecasted to make an online dating profile by 2024, you’re using a form of digital marketing. While many don’t realize it, the same rules apply to companies and their branding efforts. Whether in dating or business, understanding the importance of strong branding is key to securing appropriate matches. Here our social media agency in Bangkok will show why, in both areas, choosing the right strategy is so important to success.


Online, photos are your “first impression” – and you want to make sure they present you in the best way possible. Whether on a corporate website or a dating profile, visual cues lead the way when creating perception.

Obviously you want your visual presentation to be professionally done, well-balanced, and clear, as the “tone” for how you will be perceived. Just like an online dating profile, you have limited space to show just who you are, so avoid repetitive images and try to include as much visual information as possible.

Avoid “selfies”, in the sense of having well-done photos that present no background information to “what” you are. “Lifestyle” pictures show you or your company in action and create a deeper awareness of what your organization is all about.


Your “bio” – often the main or “About Us” page, but all online text broadly speaking – is designed to provide information and create further interest. Ideally it should elicit questions from your target audience to make them want to reach you. 

As with online dating, weak or empty bios make it harder to differentiate from others in your space. A short, sharp bio is imperative for catching the attention of others. Remember to use descriptors and stick to concise, high-information content.

The goal of a bio is not only to create interest in the person, but ideally prompt conversation as well. Use this opportunity to ask questions, challenging your audience so as to make engagement easier. Simply put: A good bio makes it easier to be approached.

Avoid disclaimers about what you don’t like, and highlight your interests to filter out bad matches. Stay positive, as it’s better to attract the right match than to try and avoid the wrong one. Don’t limit matches too strictly.

Like business, love connections can be made with people you may not have expected. Project goals on potential partners is more effective than placing limits on them, and will lead to stronger matches.

Opening Line/Engagement:

In an age of information overload, you need to find a way to distinguish your product/service above all the others. Be yourself; present your company the way you normally would, and don’t try to predict what people are looking for. You don’t want to create false expectations, and being sincere about your goals and values will attract higher-quality matches.

Maintain a consistent tone throughout all communications. The best companies differentiate themselves by having a distinct corporate personality. You can be cool and professional, or quirky and whimsical – but whatever voice you choose, always strive to maintain this persona in all outgoing communication. Consistency in this regard builds brand awareness and trust.

Having a good digital profile is imperative for audience engagement. As with online dating profiles, company websites’ digital presence and customer interaction are key to securing satisfying matches. Our social media agency in Bangkok can help you connect with the right audience. Contact us today to find out how.


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