How to Win at Leadership Branding

How to Win at Leadership Branding

As social media continues to shrink the distance between private organizations and the general public, business leaders, top executives, entrepreneurs, and solo-preneurs will tend to be seen as the face of their brands. They must therefore take extra care to properly establish and maintain effective public personas, so that they and their companies will be seen as leaders in their field.

However, a kind of balancing act will be necessary; these brand leaders should be interesting enough to be worth following online, while also protecting the brand. The difficulty here is that brand protection is almost always a cautious, conservative endeavor, while leadership requires a willingness to blaze a new trail.

To help navigate this challenge, our leading social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand offers the following tips so your organization can stay ahead of the competition.

The Role of Leadership Branding

Leadership branding is the process of identifying and highlighting your professional purpose, what you do, who you do it for, and the value you bring to both people and enterprises by working with and for them.

Putting yourself on social media does not necessarily add value to your brand. Nor should your posts sound like they’re coming from a corporate marketing department. A personal approach will come across more naturally, because your social media account should reflect your experiences, your professional story, and what you have to offer the world after gaining so much expertise in your field. Just keep in mind that, as with all other marketing and advertising, whatever you share must be genuine in order to truly connect with your target audience.

Success in this area will help you establish your leadership brand, and become more discoverable, shareable, and memorable. Of course, the brand linked with you – your company – will also see significant benefits.

Establishing a Personal Brand

“Who are you attempting to reach?” “What message are you trying to get across?” and “What value do you add to the conversation?” are all good questions to ask when posting in public, to keep your messaging focused in the right place.

At first, it might be necessary to do some soul searching. After all, in order to build meaningful connections, leaders must reflect on and understand their own story as well as their professional path. Indeed, many leaders are so focused on growing their firms that they haven’t taken the time to reflect on their own long-term goals. These include where they want to go in life, what kind of influence they want to have, and what they want to be remembered for.

Common Pitfalls & Challenges

When it comes to conducting the right strategy, leaders should be able to keep up with the latest trends in the marketplace. However, with a media landscape that is constantly changing, this is easier said than done.

Another common issue is having an inconsistent message, e.g. posting content that deviates from the original strategy, or coming across as tone deaf. Both of these mistakes can have major repercussions on your personal brand, and the business as a whole. Poorly thought out posts can result in your audience slowly losing interest in your brand and the story it’s trying to tell, or in the worst case, potential customers being offended by your content and ultimately shunning your business.

Although leadership branding is difficult to get right, the business leaders that keep up with the latest trends and communicate effectively will win both the affection and the trust of their followers. When potential customers see a face they can relate to and connect with, they are far more likely to buy into the message you are trying to sell.

If you’d like to stand out in a sea of established businesses, our leading social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand can help. Reach out to Lexicon and our team of expert storytellers to get started.


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