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Company Persona


As an authority on a fast-moving and highly-technical industry, we are young in spirit and well adapted to the changing culture in both local, regional and global terms. This flexibility lets us respond in real time to the trends and interests of the Blockchain community.

We act as thought leaders in the Blockchain world – experts who speak in the language of everyday people. We do so through interesting stories, and in such a compelling manner that our audience keeps returning to ABR. When producing educational content, we get to the core of the issue and focus on interesting subject matter.

Whatever the topic, we favor the concrete over the abstract, the practical over the theoretical, the conversational over the technical, the punchy over the watered-down and the efficient over the long-winded.

clear | accessible | informative | professional | current

Our Approach

We first aim to understand the needs and interests of our target audience; then, we provide accessible content that addresses their concerns. We know that casual users as well as experts read our material, and we share our knowledge and perspective as inclusively as possible.

We encourage engagement from our audience, using key insights from ourselves and others – while highlighting the best Blockchain content from around the world. We demonstrate a high level of confidence in our knowledge, without ever claiming certainty in areas where we do not have all the answers.

Our Niche

ABR carries the torch for Blockchain in Asia and we aim to illuminate the region with knowledge of how the practical application of Blockchain is making life better. We ensure that investors, casual browsers and tech experts learn something new every time they interact with ABR.

While we are advocates for Blockchain, we are not blind acolytes, and will not hide flaws when they inevitably make the news. Instead, our commentary will be timely and suggest ways that failings can be overcome and avoided in the future.

Our mission is become to the regional authority on all matters relating to Blockchain. The content we produce and
the community that we create will provide a hub for regional experts to share their knowledge, both on- and off-line.