PDPA Compliance Service in Bangkok, Thailand

PDPA Compliance Service

Lexicon’s Tech Lab offers a special, one-stop service to help organizations comply with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act. This new set of laws, which will go into effect in 2021, imposes complex rules surrounding all forms of online data collection, storage, processing, and distribution.

Modeled after the EU’s GDPR initiative, Thailand’s PDPA applies to every organization that collects data from internet users who are based in Thailand. Compliance will be mandatory once the PDPA goes into effect, and organizations that fail to adhere to the new regulations will face stiff penalties.

Inside The new law

Thailand’s PDPA aims to protect the digital privacy of ordinary internet users by requiring significant changes to the way online organizations typically operate. Websites will need to request permission from users to collect their data, after informing them in clear and direct language how that data will be used. Only upon receiving positive confirmation from the user will websites be allowed to collect that data – and each site must ensure that its store of user data is used only for the purposes explicitly agreed to.

Internet users will be granted the following rights under the PDPA:

Right to access
Right to restriction of processing
Right to object
Right to data portability
Right to erasure / right to be forgotten
Right to rectification

Websites therefore need clear mechanisms in place to enforce each of these rights. To that end, a designated data controller must be assigned to monitor your website and ensure that this set of rights is honored according to PDPA regulations. Even foreign entities must follow all of the above guidelines, as long as they are in position to collect data from users based in Thailand.

Ensuring PDPA compliance

From updating your website’s cookie policy, to requesting permission for data access, to delivering comprehensive user logs upon request, to collecting, keeping, processing, and distributing user data according to the PDPA, this new set of digital privacy laws is more demanding than businesses may realize.

Obeying the PDPA requires real expertise, but Lexicon’s Tech Lab can help. Contact us to arrange a comprehensive update for your website, incorporating all the new guidelines and ensuring total compliance with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act. Upgrading your website now will put your business on the right side of the law, and signal a genuine commitment to respecting the privacy of your users.

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Lexicon always produces exceptional storytelling content for us. We have worked with them on web design, content writing, design and animation projects and are delighted with the results.

James Egremont
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Rose Swagemakers
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I have worked with Lexicon on several projects and found them to be professional and responsive. They are very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our requirements are met.

Julie Goh
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We’ve worked on a number of writing, social media and training projects with Lexicon and all have been very successful. Their social media marketing campaigns have proven especially profitable for us, and have helped us to position ourselves as thought leaders in our industry. Highly recommended!

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Sukanya Sangsrisak
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CHANEL (Thailand)

Lexicon truly understands the ever-changing SEO & social media landscape and is able to deliver content that is not only creative and engaging but most importantly promises to improve the visibility of your brand online.

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