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The Company: Thailand’s Most Popular Bubble Tea

Moma’s Bubble Tea Bar makes Thailand’s most popular bubble tea. From university students to corporate CEOs, everyone loves the delicious flavor of Moma’s tea. Our fast, friendly and
efficient service captures the zeitgeist of the country – bringing a fresh and lively product to people living in a growing economy that is rushing head-first into the modern age.
With a cool, delightful flavor, chewy pearls, and unbeatable value for money, Moma’s has won over its customer base. We make bubble tea for the people, offering the best value in Thailand,
and the people love us for it.

Our simple menu features only the most popular flavors, and we’ve perfected the recipes. Moma’s teas are available in one size only, allowing us to serve each customer with speed and
simplicity. Our average turnaround time, from order to service, is just 30 seconds. Such quick and convenient turnaround is unprecedented in Thailand, where it would otherwise be possible
to wait up to nine minutes for your tea when there are five employees and no other customers in the shop.

Our tea is made fresh every day, and it needs to be. We’re constantly brewing fresh tea just to keep up with all the orders. Despite our quick service, many of our shops attract long queues all
day long. Moma’s Bubble Tea Bars around the country sell an average of 400 cups of tea per day. Some shops, like the one in Siam Square, average more than 2,000 cups per day.
With such high demand, it’s no wonder that Moma’s Bubble Tea franchises have been popping up nationwide. Our journey started in 2016 with just one shop. Today there are 92 franchises
and counting. These include a presence in key Bangkok locations such as Siam Square, The Shoppes Rama9, Asok Montri, Pratunam, Chamchuri Square, Phra Khanong BTS, and many

Moma’s also has franchises in 20 of Thailand’s 77 provinces, and we’ll soon be going international as well. The first Moma’s Bubble Tea Bar outside of Thailand will open in Phnom
Penh, Cambodia in the coming months, with the potential for other international locations in the future.

Wherever you see the Moma’s logo, you know it’s a happening place to get your bubble tea fix.