3 Essentials of Sustainability Marketing in Exactly 300 Words

man speaking about sustainability marketing

The team at our social media agency in Bangkok challenged me to give you 3 essentials of Sustainability Marketing in exactly 300 words, so here we go!

Tip 1 – Facts and Proof

Don’t ‘polish’ the story of your environmental impact with exaggerated claims or unofficial ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ logos.

Fudging facts does everyone a disservice, especially you. Today, your customers, critical stakeholders, and legal regulators can easily expose false claims as greenwashing, causing severe and long-lasting brand damage.

To enable fact-based communication, you’ll need to connect with sustainability professionals to understand the reality of your environmental and social impact.

Tip 2 – Focus on Core Impact

Focus on the most relevant issues for your business. If you are a major producer, report on your key contributions towards lowering your environmental impact connected to your core production activities (waste, water use, carbon emissions, etc.). Don’t champion that you took the train instead of the bus during the annual company outing.

Similarly, suppose you’re a prominent service provider with a significant workforce. In that case, you might want to focus on showcasing the equal and inclusive growth opportunities you provide for your employees instead of highlighting the recycling bin in the company canteen.

Tip 3 – Don’t wait for perfection

Sustainable transformation is rarely an instant success story but mostly a challenging and long-term journey.

Don’t craft an overly optimistic campaign claiming you’ve got it all figured out. Rather, communicate your current imperfections and track your progress. Be humble and authentic when you communicate your journey. And clearly outline the end goals and strategies you will implement to get there.

Do champion your achievements but remember that acknowledging existing shortcomings is a sign of strength and not of weakness.

With these 3 tips in mind, you can produce content that honestly tells your story and resonates with your audience.

Of course, if you need any support, our video production agency in Bangkok is here to help. And that’s exactly 300 words.


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