3 Marketing Lessons from an Ice Hockey Player  

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Hey, what’s going there? I’m Justin, captain of the Siam Hockey League’s Lexicon Lumberjacks.

The Lumberjacks have been crushing it so far this season. 4 wins in 6 games, and we’re just getting warmed up.

hockey league table

What’s the secret to our success? Just like our sponsor Lexicon – a leading social media agency in Bangkok – it’s all about teamwork, professionalism and creativity.

In a lot of ways, the marketing game is a lot like hockey. 

You work as a team. You need to have a gameplan. You experience big wins and tough losses. Emotions often run high. And, if you don’t keep your head up, you might end up in the hospital … okay, maybe marketing isn’t exactly like hockey. But that doesn’t mean the coolest game on ice doesn’t have some important lessons for marketers, which is why I’m here today.

Lesson 1: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

That’s a quote from the best player to ever lace up a pair of skates: The Great One himself – Wayne Gretzky.

He should know a thing or two about scoring goals. He scored 894 over the course of his career.

He knew that if you don’t take the shot, you can’t score. The same is true with marketing.

If you let fear of failure guide your decision making, you’re never gonna score. So don’t be afraid to get wild and creative.

You won’t always hit the net, but taking the shot is the only way to go top cheese.

Lesson 2: An assist is just as important as a goal

In hockey, the last two players to touch the puck before the goal score each get an assist, which counts the same as a goal toward your point total.

The pass is just as important as the shot. Same is true in your content. You don’t always need to be the star of the show. Sometimes it’s better to be the set-up man. So have conversations with other experts. If you set them up properly, you’ll get just as much credit for the success of the content.

Of course, you yourself might need an assist from our video production agency in Bangkok, and we’ll be happy to oblige!

Lesson 3: Keep your head up

Hockey’s a dangerous game. If you’ve got the puck with your head down, this might happen to ya:

Same thing is true in marketing. You need to know what the competition is up to and you need to stay up on the latest trends. If you don’t, you might get smoked like a bad cigar.

Get some W’s

So there you go. With these three lessons, you’ll be able to approach the marketing game like a hockey player.

Get some shots on net, move the biscuit around, and keep your head up. And if you can do that, you should be able to get some Ws.

When it comes to winning the marketing game, our social media agency in Thailand is ready to be on your team.

And if the competition starts playing dirty. You can always drop the gloves and give em’ the business.

On second thought, better leave that last part to the hockey players.

Go Lumberjacks!


About the Author

Justin St-Denis is Director of Digital Storytelling at Lexicon with over 15 years of experience as a writer, strategist and B2B marketing specialist. He is a regular speaker on the topic of social media and storytelling for businesses, as well as a popular guest lecturer at various universities in Thailand.

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