3 Ways to Boost Your Brand, as Inspired by Wes Anderson

Most people can recognize a Wes Anderson movie even without seeing his name in the credits. The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Darjeeling Limited – though very different films with different plots – all show off Wes Anderson’s signature style in nearly every frame.

His films are tied together with charming characters, elaborate sets, unconventional narrative flow, and deep symmetry in his shots. This distinctive style of storytelling is what makes Wes Anderson an auteur – an artist whose directing style is so unique, you can identify them through their work.

Businesses can learn a lot from creators like Wes Anderson. Although his directorial quirks have been parodied almost to death, you can’t deny that he’s become a cultural icon.

At our digital marketing agency in Thailand, we often work with companies looking to establish a strong brand presence that sets them apart from the competition. Here are three tips on how to improve your marketing strategy, inspired by the techniques of director Wes Anderson.

  1. Style is a friend of substance

In life, you often hear that you should prioritize substance over style. Yet the most memorable movies blend both of these elements together to really strengthen their stories.

Each of Wes Anderson’s films features its own color palette – which, at surface level, might seem a purely aesthetic choice. But each of Wes Anderson’s palettes are carefully selected to reflect the theme and emotion of each story – acting as visual cues for the audience. The warm yellows and greens in Moonrise Kingdom help to evoke youthful nostalgia, setting the perfect tone for a story about two twelve-year-olds falling in love.

Similarly, a good marketing strategy should use strong stylistic choices that support its main messages. For example, if you’re trying to signal to an audience of young professionals that your business is a fun, exciting place to work, you might use bright colors and adopt friendlier, less formal language.

Selecting the right tone of voice, visual design, and background music can greatly increase engagement and interest in your content. As the leading digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Lexicon uses both style and substance to frame each of our marketing campaigns around the key messages our clients want to convey.

  1. Consistency is key

Part of what makes Wes Anderson’s style so iconic is the consistency of the director’s key characteristics in each of his films.

Anderson’s special directorial flair comes from the color schemes, fashion and costuming concepts, eclectic soundtracks, and stylized typography that reappear across his entire filmography. Every choice is different, but the way that they are used in each film is precisely what makes his style so recognizable.

While businesses may not need to go so far as to cherry-pick clothing to build a strong brand image, having a uniform style of marketing projects confidence, thereby establishing authority. If you’re consistent, you seem more reliable. On the other hand, an inconsistent format can sabotage your marketing by confusing your audience, which can make them feel isolated.

Repetition of certain elements in your marketing also builds a sense of familiarity, which can be both attractive and reassuring for many potential consumers. With cohesion throughout your marketing campaigns, you increase both the recognition of your brand, and the perceived value of your business.

  1. Flaunt your eccentricities

Most businesses want to appeal to as many people as possible – but there’s no point in forcing a voice that doesn’t fit.

Wes Anderson stands out from a lot of his peers, forgoing gritty realism for a more theatrical appearance in his works. Some of his films are divided into acts, which are then split into chapters. The director also favors symmetrical, flat composition – emulating the dimensions of a stage play. This unusual approach has gained Wes Anderson and his signature style a huge following – precisely because it’s so different from the norm.

In short: There’s no need to be like the others in your field. The things that make you and your business unique can be the very things that strengthen your marketing strategy. In fact, trying to please everyone can make your marketing seem generic and insincere. Inauthenticity can annoy the people you want to attract the most.

Being true to your business’s values and culture will resonate better with your audience – and help you distinguish your brand from its competitors.

Be the auteur of your marketing

Successful marketing is about telling a good story, while also making a point to tell it well. By making strong stylistic choices, and using them to define your identity for the public, your company can stand out from the crowd – just like an auteur.

If your organization is looking to find the right tone of voice to amplify your brand’s story, our digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand can help. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get started.


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