Copywriting in Bangkok 5 Tips for Success – and 5 Traps to Avoid (Part 1)

If you’re a copywriter in Bangkok, it’s important to recognize that writing is an art form. Effective communication captures our imaginations and inspires us to take action. On the other hand, poorly executed writing can be a turn-off and do more harm than good. As the face and voice of a company, websites, advertisements, and other forms of copywriting play a vital role in showcasing its strengths to the market. Here are some tips to become an effective copywriter in Bangkok while avoiding common mistakes.

Tip #1: Don’t bury the lede. Just like in journalism, it’s crucial to grab the reader’s attention from the start. “Burying the lede” refers to organizing your text in a way that hides the most interesting information in the middle or towards the end. With short attention spans online, you can’t rely on your audience reading the entire piece. A good English editor can assist in organizing ideas and provide regular editing and proofreading support.

Tip #2: Start with the big picture before delving into details. While you may have in-depth knowledge of the topic, your audience might not. Begin by providing the context, setting, and the reason why they should care. Once they understand why they should care, they’ll be more receptive to receiving more detailed information.

Tip #3: Paint a vivid picture and ignite their imagination. People are comfortable with their routines, so if you want them to consider a change, you need to make the idea appealing. For example, a famous real estate sign in Boston reads, “If you lived here, you’d be home now.” In just eight words, it evokes a powerful feeling in people stuck in traffic, reminding them of the possibility to save hours on their commute by making a single move.

Tip #4: Engage your audience directly. Pose questions that resonate with them. For instance, ask, “How would you like your company to be on Page 1 of a Google search? It might be easier than you think with our Bangkok digital marketing agency at Lexicon.” Such questions involve readers and encourage them to join the conversation.

Tip #5: Address audience concerns individually. Identify the concerns your audience may have and skillfully address them one by one in your copy. For example, if they worry about the cost of improving Google rankings, you can explain how the benefits outweigh the investment. If they doubt your capabilities, showcase your own Google rankings as proof. By addressing their worries, you can eliminate doubts and create a sense of interest and excitement.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll explore common problems that copywriters face when they fail to consider what their product deserves and what their audience truly needs. Although a high-quality English editor can fix these issues later, it’s important for Bangkok copywriters to develop good habits from the start.

At Lexicon, our writers and editors conduct thorough research for each assignment and can produce content in any style to meet your company’s needs. In addition to our digital marketing and social media marketing services, we have strong departments specializing in multimedia design and branding.

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Steve Callerame writes content in Thailand and and has over 20 years experience telling brand stories.

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