Digital 2021 Report Shines Light on a Fascinating Year Online – Part 5: Strategy

A pair of statistics shed light on the complexity of people’s digital habits entering this year, according to the Digital 2021 Report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. “Mobile phones now account for 53 percent of the time that the world spends online,” the report summary observes – before adding a moment later that “9 in 10 internet users go online via their smartphones.”

How to account for this disparity? Many people have more than one device, and they often use different devices for different tasks. People may, for example, use their phones while commuting to work, but handle their actual work-related tasks on their desktop computer at the office during the daytime. On the other hand, many school-aged kids use computers to complete their homework in the evening.

These general observations are to be taken as examples only; more precise demographics will follow their own unique patterns. In our experience as a web design agency in Bangkok, effective marketing is about knowing your audience, and determining the best way to reach them. Focused market research therefore provides the best opportunity to increase the ROI of every campaign.

More flexibility means more customers

By optimizing content for a variety of devices and platforms, businesses can put their best face forward for as many potential customers as possible. The image below, which shows how webpages are accessed by web browsers worldwide, illustrates the need for multi-device compatibility:

Given this digital divide, a deep familiarity with the nuances of phone, tablet, and laptop displays will be invaluable for companies looking to design their webpages and other brand materials. Likewise, each platform brings its own special characteristics – and marketing teams should create content that takes advantage of the platforms on which it will appear.

The Hootsuite / We Are Social report summary makes a similar observation regarding strategy, as it puts forth the following recommendation: “Rather than focusing all of their attention on reach, it’s time for marketers to explore other factors, such as the specific creative opportunities offered by each platform’s content formats, or the different engagement opportunities available on more ‘niche’ platforms.”

The key, as always, is to design content that merges seamlessly with the strengths of each platform and device on which it appears. Phones benefit from easily installed apps, QR codes, one-click purchasing, a simplified interface, and other familiar features. Computers allow for easier typing, as well as organizing multiple tabs within a web browser. Twitter is great for surveys, while Instagram puts images first.

Creating an ideal strategy means knowing who your audience is, where they are, and what they need to hear. Inside those boundaries, it is essential to create content with messaging that resonates, using storytelling techniques that play to the advantages of each device and platform.

Of course, strategy is only the first step towards execution. From crisp writing, to memorable graphic design, web programming, social media management, multimedia creation, and more, you’ll soon find that the wisest path forward incorporates the services of a professional web design agency in Bangkok. For mobile and computer-based customers alike, marketing campaigns require near-constant attention and expertise, with outcomes largely dependent on each decision that is made along the way.

The support of an external partner can make all the difference, helping your company succeed in its digital marketing efforts from strategy to execution, and building a brand that your customers are eager to do business with.


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