Digital marketing trends to look out for in 2021 – Part 1: Social Media

The essence of social media is in its constantly evolving nature – its impermanence, as it embraces the present moment. For marketers, the challenge will always be to keep up with these changes, and lead the way forward.

With 2021 just weeks away, it is worth examining what an effective social media campaign will look like in the coming year. As always, when planned and executed well, your campaign will get your core message across to your target audience, while raising engagement to bring in even more potential customers. Just as the right approach will deliver measurable results, however, missteps may result in a weakening of your brand value.

Before we get into the new trends, it bears remembering that some things are always in season. Storytelling remains the ideal format for memorable creative content. And quality across disciplines will ensure that each post looks and feels as professional as the brand image you would like to project. These are the key attributes to look for when seeking a digital marketing agency in Bangkok.

With these constants in mind, let’s look at how businesses in 2021 will maximize their social media results.

A new trend of Nostalgia Marketing is on the rise for certain segments, particularly those whose lifestyles have been disrupted by the virus. Memes are an excellent vehicle for these and other relatable sentiments; more than ever, they have become part of our culture – a trend that hasn’t shown any hints of slowing down.

As we’ve all experienced COVID-19 changing the way we do different things, companies can adopt the 4 C’s (Community, Contactless, Cleanliness, and Compassion) to reassure customers that they will remain cared for. In a similar vein, themes of social awareness can also remind audiences that your business is inclusive and values harmony within the wider community.

Repurposing user-generated content can also show appreciation for your audience while increasing their engagement, as long as businesses encourage participation in a clear and interesting way. These and other initiatives can make a big splash by focusing on the most popular platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram among others. Podcasts can also attract large audiences for long-form conversations, if the topic and delivery are on the audience’s wavelength.

Of course, brands tend to differ in identity, ambition, and tone – and it may be hard to choose which of the above methods are most suitable for your next marketing campaign. Although social media can be overwhelming, a digital marketing agency in Bangkok can help you deliver fresh content and effective storytelling techniques to keep audiences engaged. Success here will let you generate more leads and boost your overall brand value, making you a winner in the competitive social media landscape of 2021.


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