Digital marketing trends to look out for in 2021 – Part 3: Video Production

With COVID concerns still on the minds of many consumers, video will continue to play an outsized role in day-to-day life. Despite its prevalence online, however, success in the realm of online video is anything but easy.

Video is, in essence, a request for the audience’s time – a limited resource in an ecosystem where attention is at a premium. Quality is therefore the determining factor towards success: You must earn audience interest quickly, or their attention will surely be diverted elsewhere.

Effective video production requires the right hardware as well as professional knowhow, and the best way to find both is through an expert digital agency in Thailand. From writing and pre-production all the way to the sound mixing and the editing studio, you’ll need the help of specialists who can incorporate the best storytelling techniques in service of your brand.

You’ll also need to take into account the current trends that are influencing the direction of online content. Here are some of those trends, and how they are shaping the world of video production in 2021:

Pre-recorded video sessions

Lagging internet and unreliable connections can cause video buffering problems at highly inconvenient moments. Rather than risking poor network stability, it is often better to pre-record your content on video instead of streaming it live. From there, a shortened live webinar can make up the question and answer session if you decide to have one. This split approach can help prevent awkward technical issues from arising, while saving time on all sides.

Video optimization for social media

Videos displayed on social media should take into account the most commonly used aspect ratios (such as in square/landscape/portrait mode), for the convenience of viewers on different devices. Some people also prefer to watch videos without sound, particularly if they are in public areas. Adding captions to your videos can make comprehension much easier, while also letting people watch with the sound off.

Video equipment that fits your campaign style 

You may not need to use expensive equipment and special effects to grab your audience’s attention. A new trend involves the use of mobile phones or standard digital cameras to record videos, and even big brands have recorded adverts with just an iPhone. When used the right way, this approach can add authenticity while delivering your message effectively.

Video-based shopping

Videos are increasingly used to showcase products on e-commerce platforms. This feature speeds up the selling process and boosts conversion rates, as customers are more likely to make an impulse buy when they see an appealing video for the product they want.

Interactive & 360-degree videos

Interactive and 360-degree videos let users view the product from all angles, and even try out its functions to increase online engagement. More sophisticated interactive technology such as Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality is likely to gain popularity soon, although presently this 3D effect is more expensive to produce.

Whichever methods are right for your brand, technical aspects such as picture and sound quality will always remain important to the video experience. Our leading digital agency in Thailand can integrate high-quality video designs with compelling storytelling strategies, putting digital video production success well within reach.


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