Lexicon Launches Executive Personal Branding on LinkedIn Service

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Bangkok, Thailand, August 2022 – Lexicon Business Communications, a leading social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand, has launched a new executive personal branding on LinkedIn service.

While Lexicon has effectively been performing the services for several of Thailand’s leading executives for the past few years, the service has officially launched in earnest as of August 1st, 2022.

Executive personal branding entails building a large target audience of high-value potential clients on LinkedIn, and then regularly posting quality thought leadership content on the platform that speaks directly to the interests and pain points of the audience. The process is designed to position the client as a pre-eminent expert in their field and as the ideal guide for existing and potential clients alike.

The service can be highly effective for executives across industries, but it is of particular value for business leaders in the B2B sphere, where traditional marketing methods are far less likely to succeed.

LinkedIn enables individuals to filter for specific demographics (e.g. HR managers in manufacturing on the Eastern Seaboard, pharma CEOs in Bangkok, C-suite executives in all industries nationwide, or any other combination of job titles, industries, and locations). Lexicon’s Digital Storytelling team determines these demographics with the client at the outset, and then adds up to 400 connections per month for them.

At the same time, the Digital Storytelling team develops a bespoke strategy for the client, which includes tone of voice, audience research, competitor analysis, key messaging, content pillars, outlines, and content calendars.

Once the client signs off on the strategy, Lexicon posts regular content on the client’s behalf: videos made at Lexicon’s video production agency in Bangkok, infographics made by our creative agency, 3rd party content, text posts, and more – all designed to showcase the client’s expertise and engage the target audience.

“The personal brand of an executive is one of the most valuable assets a business can have,” said Lexicon Founder & CEO David Norcross. “But executives are also extremely busy people. Our service enables them to boost their personal brands – and ultimately the company’s brand – with only a couple of hours of their time per month needed to approve content and shoot videos.”

Research has already shown that Lexicon’s approach to executive personal branding is effective. According to a recent report, 56% of professionals are positively influenced to make purchasing decisions by a business executive’s personal presence on social media. The same report found that 66% of professionals would be more likely to recommend a company if they followed one of their executives on social media.

Lexicon’s current executive branding clients include Grant Thornton Chairman and BCCT Chair Chris Cracknell, Connexus Global Regional Director James Egremont, ElysianNxt Founder & CEO Chris Puype, and many others.

“Our clients have had a lot of success with executive branding and I’m excited to see more people take our approach now that we’ve officially launched the service,” said Lexicon Director of Digital Storytelling Justin St-Denis. “Perhaps the best example of the value of executive personal branding is our own Founder & CEO David Norcross. His presence on LinkedIn and in the business community is largely responsible for our company’s growth from a small startup to a thriving organization of more than 40 employees. I’m looking forward to seeing many more executives take advantage of this opportunity.”

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