Ghostwriting: Is it Really Possible to Capture Someone’s Voice?

Ghostwriting is a common practice in the publishing industry, where copywriters are hired to create content on behalf of someone else, usually a celebrity or a company executive. As a ghostwriter, the challenge is to capture the voice of the person you’re writing for, so it sounds like them instead of you.

To capture someone’s voice, the best way is to actually capture it, by recording them speaking. This way, you can study their language, storytelling style, sense of humor, and the way they present ideas. You also need to use their words as much as possible when writing for them, and organize the writing in a way that readers can easily follow their ideas.

Working directly with the person you’re ghostwriting for is ideal, but if that’s not possible, make time to ask them a lot of questions beforehand, with as much detail as possible, to avoid guessing at details and getting them wrong.

Ghostwriting is a common practice, and readers usually don’t mind if they find out someone else wrote the content, as long as the ideas originally came from the person whose name is on the document. As a ghostwriter, it’s important to produce great content and earn repeat customers to succeed in the industry.

In conclusion, ghostwriting can be a lucrative and rewarding career for those who have the talent to capture someone else’s voice and tell their story effectively.

About the Author

Steve Callerame is an experienced copywriter and reputation manager in Bangkok. He’s been an user user of social media since day one and has over 20 years experience telling stories on social media for clients.

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