How LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion Leads to Business Success

How LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion Leads to Business Success

Thailand recently celebrated its first Pride Parade in Bangkok for the past 15 years, and a new civil union bill has now passed its first reading – letting Thailand become the first country in ASEAN to legalize same-sex unions. Global attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people are also improving, with 56 out of 175 countries increasing their acceptance of queer communities over the past few decades.

This increase in tolerance can also be seen in the attitudes of many leading companies. Every year, major brands celebrate Pride month with a public declaration that reflects their acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

However, there is still much that can be done to support members of our society who are LGBTQ+. Companies need to understand that support for LGBTQ+ people is more than just a matter of social responsibility; it is critical for success in the modern business world. An LGBTQ-inclusive workplace provides essential benefits for employees, and also for the organization as a whole.

The benefits of a diverse workplace

By contrast, the negative effects of a non-inclusive workplace can add up, leading to higher turnover rates. A study by LinkedIn and YouGov found that 65 percent of LGBTQ+ respondents said they would leave their job if they felt they couldn’t express themselves. Lack of inclusion also leads to lower employee engagement; 35 percent of employees who felt unwelcome at work also reported that they did not want to attend workplace outings.

Meanwhile, companies that prioritize LGBTQ+ inclusion can attract and retain top talent. A study in 2021 found that over 80 percent of employees prefer to work for companies that value diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Moreover, employees who don’t identify as LGBTQ+ may have friends or family who are part of the queer community and have suffered bullying or ostracization as a result. Such experiences motivate LGBTQ+ ‘allies’ to seek employers that show greater commitments to workplace inclusion.

Creating a culture of LGBTQ+ acceptance also makes everyone feel equally involved and supported in all areas. When people feel safe from discrimination, they are more likely to work comfortably within a space of trust between employers and employees. Furthermore, team members that embrace personal differences are quick to identify and pursue new opportunities with confidence, developing the kind of creativity needed to produce great ideas.

Ultimately, making your company more LGBTQ+ inclusive improves company morale and drives market innovation. It makes employees more productive and motivated, which leads naturally to better business outcomes.

Fostering LGBTQ+ inclusion

Celebrating pride month is a good start – but creating an inclusive work environment requires a genuine, long-term commitment.

One of the ways that companies can start building an inclusive workplace is by implementing the right policies. These include non-discrimination standards, ensuring that benefits apply regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. To make these policies effective, companies also need to actively communicate their expectations to the workforce, while also highlighting the consequences of discriminatory behavior in the office. The relevant policies should also be continuously revised and updated, with the help of feedback from LGBTQ+ employees.

In short, employers need to make it clear that discrimination is unwelcome at work. Business leaders should ensure that the workplace is free from prejudice and abuse, in favor of openness and acceptance from the C-Suite all the way to junior employees.

Telling a more inclusive brand story

Once your company removes the obstacles that prevent its people from working at their best, business success will be more easily achievable. Moreover, marketing, advertising, and brand storytelling that promotes your LGBTQ+ inclusion policies can also help you attract new customers.

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