How to Be an Expert at Twitter (Part 4)

Social media management is a delicate process, and even the simplest of posts should be made with very careful attention to language and imagery. We’ve seen already how a wrong word or a careless hashtag can bring disaster to a company’s PR, so now let’s look at how a carefully-crafted Twitter profile can do wonders for your digital marketing efforts and enhance your online reputation.

The ideal situation is to make your ads good enough that people will retweet them; but if that’s not possible, then just focus on writing good tweets – even if you aren’t advertising your product in them. If people retweet you in any context, it will bring more attention to your Twitter account, so your audience will be larger when you do publish your ads.

In fact, you can be effective at Twitter even if you don’t advertise at all. Think of when you’re driving down a highway and you pass by a McDonald’s. You see the big sign, with just the logo on it, and you might start to remember that you’re a little bit hungry, and you probably deserve a rest from driving anyway. The ‘advertising’ worked, even though it didn’t advertise anything; it just reminded you of McDonald’s

A Twitter account can do the same thing. If your product is well known, you don’t need to keep telling people about it. A ‘win’ for you can just be about getting followers online, so that every time you decide to tweet, they will see your logo come up on their newsfeed. That way, you’re often in the back of their minds, and if they ever decide they need a product or service you offer, they’ll probably think of you first.

So, for all those times you want to tweet but don’t want to advertise, what can you tweet about? Answer: Everything. Support the local sports team, share or retweet riddles, quizzes, interesting factoids, pretty pictures. Tweet jokes and trivia that are related to your field.

to be mean, but companies aren’t. And if people are mean to you, respond with politeness, with cleverness, with a joke, with an invitation to DM – but not with anger.

There’s no special secret and no ‘right’ way to tweet. It comes down to this: Communities like to be understood. They respect newcomers who take the time to learn about their interests, their culture, and (most of all) about the way they talk. They don’t like to be condescended to, misunderstood or exploited. If they sense that you are only pretending to understand them in order to get what you want, they’ll turn against you.

As an example, think of teenagers: They have their own culture, their own soundtrack, their own slang and mannerisms, their own worldview – and if an adult tries to join their group and act like he’s one of them, he’s more likely to earn their scorn than their approval. So don’t just jump into Twitter. Learn it by following a lot of good accounts, and seeing how they work. Enjoy it. Become a fan. Get addicted to it. Absorb the culture until you start to think like them. Then start tweeting.

I hope you enjoyed this series. If you’d like any help with your Twitter account, or digital media in general, please get in touch.

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