How To Grow A Personal Brand Through Short-Form Content

As attention spans shrink, the need for engaging content is stronger than ever. Moreover, social media users have made it abundantly clear that they prefer bite-sized content over lengthy articles — a trend which has resulted in booming success for innovative creators on a multitude of social media platforms.

In addition to nurturing a target audience for a business or brand, short-form content is especially useful for creating a personal brand. Such content can consist of quick videos that showcase business advice, personal highlights, life hacks, or discussions on interesting topics.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can craft your short-form content to fit audience preferences.

Share your personality and values

Talk of brand humanization has made the rounds across the internet, but there’s no purer way of achieving it than by starting with you as an individual. Showcasing your daily professional life is a great way to let your audience relate to you as a person. This can be done by sharing images of you participating in workplace events and activities to highlight workplace inclusion, or by using videos of you telling short stories on interesting workplace topics to allow your audience to get a feel for your professional life.

Share industry related information

Providing advice or insights for your industry is another way to set yourself apart from your peers. This can be done by sharing single image quotes, personal blogs, third-party blogs, podcast snippets, or infographics. After viewing this type of content, your audience will gravitate towards you for help, which will further solidify your standing as an industry leader. Furthermore, professionals will also refer to you in conversation with their other business connections, in turn resulting in the generation of more indirect leads for your company.

Promote your services

Calls to action need not include lengthy descriptions, but should instead be something short and catchy. By adding calls to action for every piece of short-form content you post, you’ll open up new opportunities to receive leads from direct and indirect sources. Online audiences will quickly scan through your content as they scroll, and a call to action could encourage them to either learn more about your business or employ your services — ensuring that your personal brand and your organization grow in unison.

Be strategic 

To fully maximize the benefits of personal branding, it is important to regularly produce short-form content for your social media pipeline, and schedule it for regular posting. Having a clearly defined pipeline and strategy on what sort of content you wish to post, and which target audience you wish to cater to, will go a long way toward optimizing your visibility and impact. Of course, you don’t have to do all of this on your own. All you need is the help of experienced digital storytellers. This is where we come in. 

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