Press Release: Lexicon Appoints New Chief Storytelling Officer

Chief Storytelling Officer

Bangkok, Thailand, January 2020 – Lexicon Business Communications, Bangkok’s leading English and Thai-language provider of Digital PR and Brand Storytelling, has added a new position of Chief Storytelling Officer to oversee its creative teams.

Steve Callerame, who has been with the award-winning marketing company since its founding in 2015, was recently appointed to the new role. Until this point, he has been the English-language editor and senior content writer for Lexicon. As Chief Storytelling Officer, he will work with all departments to ensure that Lexicon’s creative output is consistently impactful, of high quality, and on-brand for each of the marketing agency’s clients.

Steve commented on his new role, saying: “I’m thrilled and honored to take on this new responsibility. Lexicon is home to a group of very talented people across many disciplines, and for me, the best part of this role will be the opportunity to work directly with such a creative and artistically-minded group. We’ve already got several exciting projects in the works, which we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks and months.”

Steve graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as a double major in English and Rhetoric, with a minor in Cinema Studies. He worked as a film critic and section editor for an entertainment magazine in the United States, before continuing his writing career overseas. Steve was Lexicon’s first hire, working alongside company director David Norcross to help get the business off the ground. The company now has more than 30 full-time employees.

“Lexicon has grown much faster than I would have predicted,” David said. “We’ve added new departments devoted to graphics and animation, video production, website building, and a range of software-based solutions for our clients. That’s in addition to our original focus on content writing and social media management. We soon realized that in order to tell good stories, we needed to keep all of these departments on the same page. As our Chief Storytelling Officer, Steve will make sure our teams will work in synergy, so that we can produce stories for our clients that have a clear and unified creative direction.”

Lexicon’s creation of a Chief Storytelling role comes as the company launches its new website, moves to a new and expanded office in central Bangkok, and begins publishing its own news and entertainment magazine, called BKK Edition.


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