Marketing During the Pandemic is Cheaper Than You Think

Business leaders around the world have been forced to make impossible budget decisions since the pandemic began wreaking havoc on the world economy. The difficulty is compounded even further by not knowing how long it may take for the economy to return to something approaching normal. A business strategy focusing on short-term survival (cutting costs), or long-term growth (spreading brand awareness), could end up looking either wise or foolish in retrospect, depending on the way events happen to play out.

The most likely scenario, and the hardest for many companies to accept, is that both strategies are needed at the same time. Keeping your business alive through the pandemic is essential – but may be in vain if it means losing all your momentum by the time you reach the other side.

Many businesses have begun to realize that the only way they can achieve both objectives, and stay within budget, is through outsourcing their non-core activities – marketing in particular. By outsourcing your digital PR efforts to a creative agency in Bangkok, your business can stay in the public eye while also saving a great deal of money.

Outsourcing lets businesses skip out on the more expensive aspects of supporting an in-house marketing department – including full-time salaries, training, vacation time, and other benefits for each staff member. For what amounts to the cost of one employee, you can hire Lexicon, and we’ll become your marketing team.

There’s simply no other way to integrate every aspect of modern storytelling without going over budget. From brand strategy, thought leadership, and web design, all the way through to professional multimedia production, social media management, and EDMs, doing the job right means having an entire team of experts at your disposal.

One phone call to us, and you will.


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