Press Release: Lexicon Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

Bangkok, Thailand, March 2021 – Lexicon Business Communications, Bangkok’s leading Digital PR and Brand Storytelling agency, has appointed Maxime Schmitt as its new Chief Technology Officer.

The position involves managing the technological needs of Lexicon and ensuring that they align with the company’s growth targets. Mr. Schmitt will oversee internal data security, as well as employee training within the company, while maintaining a client-focused outlook. As the leader of Lexicon’s Tech Lab, Mr. Schmitt will also conduct planning, execution, and quality control for the company’s tech projects.

“Max has been an indispensable part of our team ever since Lexicon acquired his Next Step Systems business in 2019,” said David Norcross, Lexicon’s Founder & CEO. “The future of marketing is intertwined with technological advancements. Storytelling is not going anywhere, but it’ll be manifesting in new and innovative ways over the coming years. Max was already playing a vital role in the planning of our company’s growth, so promoting him to this new position was a natural move.” 

Lexicon’s Tech Lab provides a full-suite of tech services, including development of websites and custom web applications. Recent notable projects include creating a rebranded website for regional law firm Tilleke & Gibbins as well as developing a custom employee management system via LINE for a major local retailer. In addition to its primary offerings, the Tech Lab provides Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) compliance services, helping clients upgrade their data collection systems and processes to protect user privacy in accordance with the new regulations that Thailand will begin enforcing in the coming months. 

Mr. Schmitt expressed enthusiasm for his new appointment, and the road ahead: “I’m proud to be a part of our digital agency in Thailand, and especially the hard-working Tech Lab team. We’ve grown a lot over the years – in number, as well as ability – and I’m excited about the new projects in development. Right now, people rely on digital systems more than ever before, and this trend is sure to continue moving forward. As the CTO of a busy company, I’ll certainly have my hands full – but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”


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