The Advantages of Video Content for Business Marketing

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The internet has played an enormous role in society since its inception – a role which has only gained in importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most organizations now realize that the changes surrounding popular internet usage will be with us for years to come. Many have therefore developed digital-first strategies, embracing video trends in marketing in order to reflect a growing share of audiences’ screen time.

In our experience as a motion graphics agency in Bangkok, Thailand, video serves as a powerful medium to help companies send their message out into the world, connecting to their target audiences on a meaningful level.

Video Grows Your Business

Videos can result in higher conversion rates for your business’s website. WordStream has found that placing a video on a website’s landing page can raise conversion rates by 80%. People expect to see videos on your online channels – both your website and social media feed – and they are likely to spend time watching them as long as the videos themselves are engaging.

A brief but effective video can lead potential customers down the marketing funnel, having a massive impact on their perception of your organization. Just like a catchy melody makes you want to move around and sing along, or a cooking show that makes your mouth water, a skillful use of video can leave audiences happy and eager to discover more.

In addition to boosting your conversion rates, video can also improve Search Engine Results Page (SERP), which can afterwards improve your business’ visibility. Our social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand has found that Google ranks websites with video content higher than websites without it. Moreover, your business will be more widely recognized if its videos are published and promoted on YouTube as well. An impressive video can hook your audience to view more content and information, resulting in lower bounce rates and more time spent on your site.

Video Grows Your Audience

Video content can also boost brand awareness, potentially turning new audiences into potential clients. Videos can be playful yet informative to engage your audience, telling the right visual story about company products, services, and values. These can leave a lasting impression on viewers, and be the deciding factor when a customer thinks about whether to purchase something from your organization.

According to WordStream, more than half of executives are likely to choose video over text if both options are provided on the same subject. Word-of-mouth marketing and shareability go hand in hand – and videos have a very high potential for social sharing. Making your video shareable will help you reach a larger audience, and give audiences an opportunity to get a better feel for what your business is all about.

There are many effective ways to incorporate video production into your marketing strategy. If you would like to take full advantage of producing videos, yet are not sure how to tell your story through this medium, reach out to our video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand today.


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