What Does Video Production in Bangkok Cost?

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Are you looking for video production agencies in Bangkok, Thailand? Well then you’ve probably seen that prices can vary significantly depending on whether you’re looking for on-location productions, green screen videos, animation, motion graphics or studio videos.

In this blog, we’ll break down the costs of different services from a video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand.

Animated Video Production in Bangkok

Animated motion graphics videos can come in many different formats. For example, the comic book-style video below is hand-drawn with shifting perspective giving a sense of motion. Every character and scene is hand illustrated to give a genuine, unique perspective. The cost of a video like this starts from 120,000 THB including script, storyboard, voiceover, sound effects, illustration and motion graphics. Check out the below video made for Bangkok Patana school.

Pretty much any style of video production can be created in Bangkok, Thailand. And the below example is a retro themed, 16-bit style video made by our animation studio in Bangkok for the British Department for Business and Trade Singapore. This style is more complex and pricing starts from 300,000 THB. Every frame is created by hand and requires dozens of man hours just for the illustrations; that’s before getting into animation and sound design.

Finally for animations, this style combines elements of the previous two. Again, every scene is drawn by hand with more complex backgrounds, scenes and characters. A video like this starts from 200,000 THB. This video was made for Partnerships for Infrastructure, an Australian NGO.

Green Screen Video Production in Bangkok

The main benefit of green screen production is that any background can be created. You can look like you’re recording from a TV studio, the surface of the Moon, and anywhere else you can imagine. Additionally, this format works great for webinars and live broadcasts. The below example uses a TV-style format and a series of 10 of these videos costs around 350,000 THB. This series was made for Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Social media is also a great place to utilize green screen videos. By creating a compelling and immersive green screen video production, you can better capture your audience’s attention in order to convey important messages. A video like the below for AstraZeneca Thailand mixes motion graphics and live action together seamlessly and the price is around 100,000 THB.

Finally, green screen video production is great for lecture formats which can replace keynote speeches, webinars or elements of a school curriculum. You can see an example below that we made for Wellington College, Bangkok, with the price again totaling about 100,000 THB.

On-Location Video Production in Bangkok

When shooting on location, prices rise as many people are required including a lighting expert, a sound engineer, a project owner, and of course, a camera crew. As with the above examples, every project is bespoke and created from scratch but below are a few pricing guidelines for on-location video production in Bangkok.

The production below for USAID took a week of shooting on location as well as a lot of time required in pre-production to finalize the script, storyboard, concept and call sheet. The price for this type of video production begins at 1 million THB.

Event videos often include livestreaming and photography and generally prices are at around 200,000 THB. You can see an example below of an overview video production filmed in Bangkok at a hotel on Sukhumvit Road, which we made for ourselves. See more of our event videos here.

Finally, this is a simple direct-to-camera video made for Citibank. Multiple videos like this can be made in a single day with prices starting at 100,000 THB for the entire video production process, including art direction.

Video Production in Bangkok Conclusions

As you can see above, there are many types of video production options available in Thailand with prices and styles to suit all budgets. If you’re looking to create some video content in Bangkok, reach out to us for a personalized quote.


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