3 Content Marketing Lessons from Extraordinary Attorney Woo

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The South-Korean series Extraordinary Attorney Woo has become a global phenomenon, earning more than 69 million viewing hours on Netflix worldwide.

The show tells a story of Woo Young Woo, a genius lawyer on the autism spectrum working at a prestigious law firm. She faces a variety of legal cases, while struggling to fit in with those around her due to her lack of social skills as well as the prejudices they hold against her.

From modest beginnings, this show has since become a world sensation that touched people’s hearts around the world. Our digital agency in Bangkok has identified 3 lessons from this success story that businesses can adopt, in order to increase brand awareness, improve audience engagement, and create positive branding outcomes.

1. Don’t be afraid to take on a unique perspective

In the series, Young Woo demonstrates her extensive expertise in law by using her incredible memory to remember every single detail in each legal article and section. She uses this talent to take on a unique perspective when looking at legal matters, resulting in her winning her cases. As a result, Young Woo gains respect from her peers and future clients alike.

Brands need to identify what they are best at, and showcase this expertise where the public can see it. Such efforts work best when also adding a creative and unique element to how they deliver their messages and ideas.

It is not always easy to offer a fresh angle to marketing content these days, but applying a creative and unique spin to your educational content can make your brand more memorable, establishing you as a confident leader that dares to be different.

2. Showcase your side characters too!

People have more empathy towards brands that feel ‘human’.

While the drama of the show centers around the main protagonist, what makes it compellingly engaging is how the stories of each side character unfold. These strands of the rope weave themselves into one interconnected story of a group of ordinary lawyers who have their own ups and downs, in both their careers and personal lives.

People love this show not just because they love the adorable attorney Woo, but also how she is cared for and supported by the people around her. Together, their stories add color and character development to the protagonist’s own storyline.

In marketing, your brand is naturally going to be a major focus, but your content should also tell a wider story. Remember that your customers will want to see themselves as the center of your messaging approach. And as you highlight your customers’ needs, remember also to showcase the work of your employees, celebrate their achievements, and give credit to their contributions.

This way, you’ll show how you value your customers and team members, thereby promoting admirable company values that humanize your brand.

3. Aim for fun and engaging content while being educational

Extraordinary Attorney Woo explores autism and legal matters, but not by filling its characters’ dialogue with technical information. Although the creators aim to educate and represent autism accurately, they tell their story by highlighting the quirky and lovable personality of Woo Young Woo – instead of lingering on her disabilities.

For example, we see that Young Woo only eats kimbap because it is cut in a way that enables her to see every ingredient used, so she won’t be surprised with what goes into her mouth. The show uses this example to explain that some autistic people have highly delicate senses of smell and taste, hence their seemingly odd behaviors.

When creating educational content for marketing purposes, always remember to do it in a creative and engaging way. People do like educational content, but they’ll ignore it if it’s boring.

The common thread from each of these lessons is that good storytelling matters. Our Video Production Agency in Bangkok, Thailand can help you boost your branding with content that is educational and purposeful, as well as being fun and appealing to your target audience.

About the author

Nichapatra Sombuntham is a social media manager at Lexicon, an award-winning digital agency in Bangkok, Thailand. Nichapatra works on storytelling-focused social media campaigns for many of Thailand’s leading organizaitons.



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