3 Content Marketing Lessons from the Software as a Service Industry

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How can we turn dry and technical information into engaging social media content?

The SaaS (Software as a Service) industry offers some good lessons.

SaaS was once an extremely niche sector exclusive to software developers. Marketing SaaS products required an in-depth understanding of how the solutions functioned, who they were designed for, and which pain points they aimed to solve – deterring creative marketers from ever stepping foot into the industry out of fear of the unknown.

But, SaaS content doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the modern SaaS industry has evolved to provide exciting ways to market technical content using the power of video, graphics, testimonials, and storytelling to personally appeal to those in search of solutions. Saas marketers also created content hubs to share otherwise complex topics in a simple and approachable manner. This has led major Saas companies such as Zoho and Hubspot to rise in prominence, becoming the frontrunners in content creation, e-learning, and strategic marketing.

In this article, our social media agency in Bangkok will share some storytelling insights from the SaaS industry.

Making the complex simple: The power of visualization

SaaS companies Zoho and Hubspot have plenty of easy-to-understand infographics or engaging videos on their websites, which entice visitors to stay on the pages for longer.

Research backs up this approach. A recent whitepaper from Cisco forecasted that video content will account for 82% of all internet traffic by the end of 2022.

What’s great about graphics and videos is that they can be used to describe even the most complex topics in simple and engaging ways. From 15 to 10 second snippets of features, to banners asking simple questions about customer needs, this content plays a massive part in nudging leads to the stage of consideration. Moreover, given the limited attention span of internet users, the strategic use of video and infographic content can be the difference in converting incoming traffic into a loyal audience.

Of course, if you don’t have the capacity to create this content in-house, our video production agency in Bangkok can help.

Making things personal: The use of testimonies and customer storytelling

SaaS companies have turned personal testimonies and case studies into strategic marketing materials, showing a customers’ journey from start to finish. This appeals to potential customers facing the same problems.

Testimonies and case studies also happen to fall into the strategy of making it all about the customer. The age of boring technical leaflets and mundane software descriptions are no more, and SaaS companies have learned to appeal to customers in such an empathetic way that it secures authority, trust, and credibility. By knowing where their customers came from, and knowing how to appeal to every stage in a customers’ journey, the strategic use of testimonials has enabled companies to act as a guide in solving their customers’ problems.

Again, if you want to make these testimonials look visually engaging, you might need the help of a creative agency in Bangkok.

Moving outside the comfort zone: The creation of content and e-learning hubs

Content hubs can be helpful to brands in every industry, and SaaS giants such as Hubspot and Zoho do it best. The secret behind their hubs is that the content does not always relate to their products or services. In fact, it goes beyond the scope of technical topics, providing a space for web visitors to learn. These content hubs comprise content ranging from comprehensive e-books to digestible bite-sized articles.

Fun, engaging, and useful, these libraries are almost strangely non-relevant to the services being marketed by SaaS companies. Yet they’ve managed to consistently sustain their web traffic and subscribers. So what exactly is at play here? Well, the other secret strategy being employed by SaaS companies in creating content hubs, is nurturing leads by offering quality content on a wide array of topics, in exchange for consistent lead engagement and feedback.

Essentially, these hubs are webapps. If you’re interested in building a content hub for your audience, our website design agency in Bangkok can help. 

Keep it Saasy and engage your audience

Those familiar with the SaaS industry may perhaps understand the services and solutions offered by specific SaaS companies. However, certain SaaS brands have become more well known for their content creation, rather than their services – displaying the true power of content marketing, regardless of field or industry.

The SaaS industry has shown that no matter how niche or technical your field is, you can always grow a loyal audience by providing them with top-notch content.

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