3 Marketing Lessons From Dr. Strange

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After a decade of superheroes augmented by high-tech suits of armor, heightened powers as a result of government experimentation, and even a trip to the furthest reaches of space, Marvel Studios took us into the world of the supernatural when it gave us Doctor Strange.

Our social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand spotted some important marketing lessons within both of the Doctor Strange films, which can be adapted for the business world (warning: spoilers ahead).

Tell your story

Dr. Stephen Strange has a conflict – but unlike most other Marvel heroes, his is internal. This approach resonates particularly well with audiences, touching the hearts of those attempting to overcome their own inner demons. And yet, it never gets too dark; the story’s magical style provides a sense of joy, helping viewers escape the ordinary world outside.

If you’re using a story that mirrors the experiences of your targeted audience, try injecting some originality as well. A creative approach can deliver universal appeal, drawing in more potential customers who fall into your particular field, but aren’t yet attached to one brand. You will succeed in a broader way if you provide intriguing content that respects the ups and downs of life, while also putting a smile on people’s faces.

Keep the same theme

Most Marvel movies now feature at least one appearance from a hero who is not starring in the main storyline. Doctor Strange, for example, has appeared in several Marvel films where he is not the main character. Why is this important in the context of content? Because audiences enjoy seeing their favorite characters in other films, and it motivates people to revisit those characters in previous films.

This principle can be used in marketing as well. Repurpose your material, finding creative new ways to distribute it. Customers and followers will enjoy seeing a return of a former theme, if it is of great quality and is something that inspires a real connection. Furthermore, these kinds of tie-ins can help new followers find a world of older content that they may have missed the first time around.

It’s not all about you

Though most marketers know that communications should always be focused on the customer, self-praise is a hard habit to break. All too frequently, emails, presentations, websites, and brochures extol the virtues of you and your firm. The emphasis tends to fall on what you believe is significant and what you have to give: “Our Services”, “We offer”, “We deliver”, “We know”…

Many business leaders and marketers believe that this “me-centric” communications style caters to their audience, but it doesn’t in many circumstances. As with any relationship, put your audience first when fine-tuning your messages. As Ancient One tells Strange, his fear of failure and his arrogance had kept him from achieving greatness. These same faults were also keeping him from learning the simplest and most significant lesson: “It’s not all about you.”

Whether or not you like Marvel movies, their impact on society and culture has been undeniable. Marvel’s formula sets them apart from all other movies. From a marketing standpoint, standing out from the crowd is a requirement for effective brand building; this fact alone makes the Marvel cinematic universe worth studying.

Yet uniqueness can be a difficult thing to achieve. If you’d like your business to thrive, let our video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand and motion graphics agency, Thailand open the portal to success.


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