3 Marketing Lessons from Stranger Things

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The Netflix original show Stranger Things stands as one of the pop culture sensations of the past decade. Season three debuted on July 4th and almost immediately broke streaming records. Just four days later, Netflix announced that 40.7 million households had started watching the new season since its global launch, more than any other film or series in its first four days – and added that a total of 18.2 million had already finished the entire season.

Our social media marketing agency in Bangkok has distilled three useful marketing lessons from Stranger Things, highlighting innovative techniques that your business can add to its marketing strategy. These are:

1. Friends don’t lie

To overcome obstacles, teamwork is better than going it alone.

In Season 3, the Stranger Things team deals with some hiccups in the communication department, but their efforts pay off when they are able to work together across age, race, and gender barriers. Their blueprint for success is that friends don’t lie, and that missions need to be followed through to the end.

In marketing, it can be tempting to make grand promises – both to your customers and your own people. Nevertheless, if you make these promises in your advertising while the eventual outcome falls short of expectations, you’ll leave those around you feeling let down and deceived. Much better to underpromise and overdeliver, so that you build a reputation for keeping your word – and indeed going above and beyond the call of duty.

2. Unique and memorable branding

The red, luminous, 80s-style logo sets up the delightful vibe of the series. This distinctive look has led to sales of clothing, toys, and other merchandise – and has become so popular that it inspired a Portland design company to create a logo generator called “Make It Stranger”. Stranger Things has succeeded in becoming memorable and unique, from its theme song to the way the studio refers to each episode as a “chapter”.

This concept leads to marvelous opportunities on behalf of businesses looking to appeal to their potential customers. With so many companies in each industry, it’s crucial to embrace what makes you different from your competitors. By aiming for a distinctive look and feel, brands can publish messages that resonate with consumers.

3. Stranger marketing

The series uses a variety of methods to generate greater visibility and positive word of mouth. These include integrating gaming, recognizable graphics, eye-catching transitions, and dedicated official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts in order to connect with audiences while learning about their aims and expectations.

Stranger Things inspires in audiences a nostalgia for an era when things seemed simpler or better. This method taps into our brain’s limbic system, triggering positive emotions like love and trust. Netflix uses this marketing strategy to help audiences remember the feeling of watching an old TV show, movie, or song from childhood. Many audiences experience a mix of excitement and melancholy emotions while watching the series. Brands that learn to inspire specific emotions are far more likely to stick in the minds of their audiences.

If your business needs to structure its brand storytelling in a unique and effective way, our digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand, along with our video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand and motion graphics agency, Thailand can help you achieve your goals.

About the author

Marisa Kallie Tongue is a Netflix acolyte and brand strategist at Lexicon: the leading digital storytelling agency in Thailand.


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