3 Tips for Building and Maintaining an Active Social Media Community

Brands succeed when they build positive associations in the minds of their intended audience. In today’s crowded business environment, however, capturing and keeping audience attention is easier said than done.

A good digital marketing strategy may enhance social media engagement, but an excellent one can turn such interactions into followers – and eventually loyal customers.

Still, it is important to understand that the value of this community extends beyond the direct sales potential it creates. When existing clients and other professionals follow and interact with your social media accounts, your brand’s credibility becomes more established within your industry. This ‘social proof’ shows audiences that you deserve to be taken seriously, because so many other high-status people are paying attention to you as well.

The value in building a lively and popular social media community is therefore plain to see. For most brands, the real challenge is in making it happen. Our digital marketing agency in Bangkok can help you develop the right strategy, followed through with professional execution, to build and retain a healthy social media community surrounding your brand.

  1. Communicate like you mean it  

Communicating regularly with your audience demonstrates that you are responsive, but genuine and personal interactions show that you care. Just as importantly, this approach also lets people see and appreciate that your brand has its own distinct personality.

A report from Braze and Forrester found that when a brand is perceived as human-like and relatable, people are twice as likely to connect with it – and 80% more likely to recommend it to others. In other words, when posting or messaging on social media, be it LinkedIn or Facebook, take the time to craft a genuine, or even humorous response that aligns with your brand’s identity.

This also means engaging with your audience by commenting on their posts as well, showing genuine appreciation and personality when you do. This approach can help foster valuable connections, while also providing an organic social media boost to your profile.

  1. Choose the right platform

Focus your brand’s posting habits on the social media platform(s) that resonate best with your brand persona and intended audience. Professional services companies, for instance, would typically see better ROI from LinkedIn rather than Facebook or Instagram. You may have an understandable instinct to spread your brand message everywhere, but diluting your efforts in such ways could risk losing your primary audience on the platform that is most important for your business.

Once locked-in on a type of social media, ensure that your posts are tailored to both the medium as well as to your audience. Compelling LinkedIn videos, for example, are highly effective in terms of engagement and circulation – but articles and infographics can generate significant engagement as well. Optimize each piece of content for use within your preferred social media platform, and then use it to invite discussion among your followers.

  1. Embrace analytics

Analytics isn’t limited to tech-savvy companies. Any business with a social media community must pay attention to their engagement numbers if they wish to retain their current audience and expand their market.

Data and statistics allow you to determine which posts have high engagement and which don’t. Through a combination of data analysis and sensible experimentation, you can gradually optimize your social media content, maximizing the likelihood of retaining and growing your audience. Without such a statistical foundation, the same lessons will take much longer to learn.

From idea to reality

Your social media community is and will continue to be the most valuable marketing asset for your business. Still, the time and effort needed to build and retain your audience may be off-putting to some businesses – to say nothing of the creative and technical expertise required.

That’s where our digital marketing agency in Bangkok comes in. We provide the resources and expertise needed for you to raise your social media game. If you’d like to be widely recognized on social media as a leader in your field, contact us today.


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