How to Make Compelling Videos for LinkedIn

Visual storytelling is perhaps the most effective form of digital communication, especially in video form. On LinkedIn, videos are shared 20x more often than other forms of content. Research also shows that brands publishing video content earn revenue 49% faster than those that don’t.

With such impressive statistics, it’s no wonder why businesses are using video to develop their customer communications and executive branding. Video delivers a solid return on investment, works wonderfully as a conversation starter, and can build real connections with your audience.

Audiences are sophisticated, however, and not just any video will make the cut. Moreover, the LinkedIn algorithm itself heavily favors quality over quantity. Each video you publish should therefore be as compelling as possible – not an easy feat considering today’s standard production values. Fortunately, our video production agency in Bangkok is here to show you how. 

Don’t overlook the initial setup 

The complexity of the pre-production process depends on the type of content you are producing. For instance, under ideal conditions, a simple monologue can be delivered straight to a phone camera. But even in those cases other technical aspects such as lighting, background, framing, and noise pollution should not be ignored.

More ambitious videos, such as a full-scale campaign launch for a new product, could require added attention to all five C’s of cinematography. To make any type of video live up to its potential, consider outsourcing the project to a video production agency.

Relevant video is key 

LinkedIn feeds typically feature business or networking content. Even if your main goal is executive branding, videos relating to your personal life will probably not generate engagement on LinkedIn (unless your business is actually connected to your personal life). Still, a video with a pinch of wit and humor certainly won’t hurt, and can fit well within a professional context if done right.

Silence and subtitles 

As a platform for professionals, most of LinkedIn’s videos will be watched in settings such as the office. It is thus unsurprising that 80% of LinkedIn videos are watched in silence.

When making a video, always keep in mind whether its message will be just as effective without sound. Creating mute-friendly content means visually spicing up other aspects of the video by adding animation or floating graphics, or even just expressive acting. Most importantly, when it’s time for post-production, make sure subtitles are added to your video (in the applicable language) to accommodate those watching in silence. This simple trick leads to more viewers, and therefore more engagement. 

Caption and CTA 

A video post, no matter how perfect it may be, will only have an impact if it is watched. People need a reason to tune in, and an intriguing caption, title, and short description can generate the necessary interest.

Just as importantly, a good call to action helps viewers take the next step, and actually interact with your business or your brand.

Video communication can be highly effective, but it’s also hard. When done right, it is an excellent way to position businesses or people as experts in their industry. To elevate your brand using video content, contact our video production agency in Bangkok today.  


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