3 Ways Lexicon Embraces Work From Home

Before the most recent lockdown, Lexicon expanded its office to include areas for events, training, and socialization. Although the pandemic forced us to make a complete transition to working online, we found creative methods to maintain the culture of collaboration that makes our digital marketing agency in Bangkok so successful – and to avoid feeling isolated during lockdown. 


Here are 3 ways the Lexicon is continuing to thrive, even while working from home.

1. Gather


While we’re away from our physical office, Lexicon has moved into the virtual spaces of Gather – a video chat application inspired by classic 8-bit games. Gather helps to make working from home a fun experience by keeping us connected to each other. Just like in real life, we can start video calls by simply visiting each other’s desks or walking up to each other in Lexicon’s virtual office. 

Our website design agency in Bangkok used Gather to build a customized virtual office for us all to inhabit, with designated zones for our different teams. Our virtual office has spaces for collaborative work, including private meeting rooms. We’ve also created areas for socialization, like a rooftop and beer garden, as well as our very own virtual amphitheater to host seminars.

2. Regular activities and training


To encourage employee engagement and boost company morale, we take part in activities throughout the week that let us learn together even while we’re apart.


Lexicon has a daily company quiz, where the participants with the most accumulated points win a special prize. Our quizzes cover a broad range of topics, including fun facts about coworkers, music, movies, and technology. 


Another highlight is our weekly ‘Meet the CEO’ sessions, where our own team members can ask me questions directly about anything they want. 


We also hold regular training sessions hosted by Lexicon employees for Lexicon employees. These sessions cover a rich variety of skills, including caption-writing, SEO, Google Analytics, and even comedy writing.

 3. GoodDay

Lexicon has been using GoodDay to organize and manage projects since the 2020 lockdown. GoodDay is an online platform that simplifies workflow, which everyone in Lexicon can use.


GoodDay helps our account managers, project managers, and five different teams work together on projects at any given time. Another useful feature of GoodDay is its time tracking system, which helps our employees balance their productivity goals with their personal time and avoid potential burnout.

Still, adjusting to lockdown isn’t easy. If you are seeking creative solutions to help your company work effectively from home, contact us today.


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