5 Tips for Excellent Bangkok Copywriting

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if your website has only pictures, it will never rank on Google. The trick to being popular online is to write in an effective and entertaining way that informs your audience and will have them coming back to your site to see what you’ve written next. When you take advantage of these 5 tips for creating the best copywriting, Bangkok customers and clients will start visiting your site more and more often – and they’ll do it because they want to, not because they have to.

1) Focus on what’s important. Your readers are there to get information, so figure out what they need to know and deliver it in the clearest way you can, using the smallest number of words. Efficient communication is crucial. There may be a place for extra details, or the kind of patient, descriptive writing which is meant to evoke a particular mood or atmosphere – but a good Bangkok copywriter will make sure the important things are easy to find.

2) Build your voice. If your website is for kids, then the language should be at that level and designed with their interests in mind. But even when your audience is the general population itself, your voice should stand out. Ordinary corporate language is just too boring for the outside world — and in order for your customers to like you, you’re going to have to be interesting. Don’t be afraid to lighten the mood a bit. Experiment with style. Throw in some puns – anything besides monotony.

3) Show them the next step. If your audience has followed your thinking all the way to the end of the article, there must be a logical conclusion: Buy your product, or take a holiday in Singapore, or sign up for a mailing list. You’ve just spent a few hundred words pointing in a particular direction; now help us see what we should do when we arrive there.

4) Find someone to edit and proofread your work. You’re going to make mistakes, just like the rest of us. You may not notice them, but your readers will.

5) Remember that Google is reading your site too. There is a whole science – and plenty of pseudoscience as well – centered around how to optimize your site to ensure high Google rankings. We’ve written about this before and will do so again, but the essential lesson for all copywriters in Bangkok is to try and understand the way websites are ranked by search engines. If your language is clear and precise (see point #1 above), and touches on the words your future readers are likely to enter into a search bar, then that is a very good start. But never forget that you’ll need to engage with those readers once they arrive.

With those tips in mind, and a healthy respect for the intelligence, personality and sense of humor of your audience, you’ll soon develop a winning style that feels familiar to your readers, but is all your own.

About the Author

Steve Callerame has been a Twitter user since day one and has over 20 years experience telling stories on social media for clients.

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