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You just launched a Facebook business page. You’re glowing with excitement as you type a blurb about your latest product and click post on your timeline. A minute passes, then two, then twenty. Crickets. Not a single Like, comment or share. You step away from your computer and decide to check again in the morning. Surely, your new product will be getting some Facebook love by then…of course, we both know how this story ends. No engagement, no likes and you’re swearing off social media completely.

As with learning to ride a bike, getting the hang of a new sport, or learning how to use the latest technological gadget, there’s always a learning curve. Social media is no different. But just as you can speed up the learning process by acquiring a mentor, you too can improve your social media marketing game faster by learning from others. With that said, we invite you to peek behind the Lexicon curtain, and learn 6 steps our social media experts follow with every post we create. 1. Think before you post

Before you even think about posting, you must know who will view your content. If your target customers are in their 70s, a trendy meme is probably not the best choice of content. If your business markets to adolescents, that Jimi Hendrix-themed posts you’re considering is sure to go over their heads.

Once you define your customer, it’s then time to clarify your social media goals. Do you want brand awareness? Then your results will be measured in reach. Are you just looking for engagement? If so, your success will materialize in the number of comments and Likes a post receives. Are you after web traffic? Statistics from Google Analytics and social media platforms can tell you how much was driven to your site.

With clearly defined audience and goals, now you can safely prep your post.2. Craft compelling copy
While Thailand’s active Facebook community may lead you to believe otherwise, social media is still a relatively new medium. Copywriting, on the other hand, has been around since the dawn of marketing. Persuasive copy is still king when it comes to selling products, so it’s worth investing in an A-list copywriter. If you choose to go it alone, though, there’s one important social media specific rule to follow: be human.

On social media, more than anywhere else online, it’s crucial you come off as personable. You need to blend in with other posts in the Newsfeed; if you fail to do so, people will generally ignore your post as you’ll appear as just another business trying to sell them. Don’t be afraid to be a bit casual and have some fun with your posts. And always focus on giving value. 80% of the time your posts should inspire, inform or entertain. The other 20% of the time, it’s okay to rave about your products or business.3. Demand attention with eye-popping visuals
As humans, we are visual creatures. Even as a writer, I’ll admit visuals make a much more memorable impression on me than words. Well, at least they do so when time is of the essence. And speaking of time, on social media you have mere seconds to catch a user’s attention. The best way to do that is with big, bold, emotive visuals. Therefore, we highly recommended the majority of your posts are visual in nature, including a variety of infographics, GIFs, cinemagraphs and explainer videos.

If creating these types of post sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Basic visuals, such as on-brand quote images (which you can create using free online tools), images from links you share, or staff photos are all easy alternatives that catch attention. Just remember, whatever you post, be sure to maintain a consistent style— this ensures potential customers start recognizing your brand.4. Target your dream clients
From an advertising perspective, social media is a gold mine of information. All of the biggest platforms—such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter—have treasure troves of data on their users, including their age, interests, gender and more. This makes these platforms incredibly valuable for reaching your ideal customer.

We highly recommend you take the time to master these tools, or hire someone with experience of social media marketing in Bangkok, to manage your social media campaigns. Doing so can earn you a fortune in new business. If you choose to experiment on your own, we recommend focusing on getting the age group, gender and city of your ideal customer correct to start.5. Boost every single post
Gone are the days when you could easily reach thousands of people with a single post. Today, Facebook organic feed is dead. In the past several years, organic reach for the typical Facebook business page has fallen from 16% to 6.5%. That means unless you boost your post, you’ll be lucky to reach a small fraction of your fans.

Of course, it costs extra money to boost posts. But Facebook marketing in Thailand is still extremely affordable. With as little as one US dollar, you can reach 10x as many people than you would without boosting—effectively getting your business in front of a much larger audience. To put that in perspective…for not more more than the cost of a meal at a mid-range restaurant, your business can connect with up to 50,000 new customers.6. Do a deep data dive, test, analyze and repeat
Data isn’t only useful for targeting. Social media and Google Analytics data can also be used to understand the types of social media posts or blog topics your customers love, the platforms that produce the highest advertising ROI, which demographics best respond to an advertising campaign, and the most valuable keywords that resonate with your audience.

How can you figure out what works? After reviewing all the data, the next step is to test, analyze your results and repeat. Basically, imagine yourself as a scientist. Come up with a theory about why your post or advertising campaign will achieve your desired metric (brand awareness, conversions, engagement, etc.), then test it out. If it doesn’t work, ask yourself, “What caused the failure?” And then test again. Do this enough times and you’re sure to eventually hit the mark.

If all this sounds like too much of a hassle, don’t be afraid to get help from an expert. Lexicon has achieved proven results with customers, and we’re sure we can do the same for you. Get in touch with us today at +66 223 588 68.

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