Copywriting in Bangkok 5 Tips for Success – and 5 Traps to Avoid (Part 2)

As highlighted in Part 1, copywriting in Bangkok is both an art form and a challenge, requiring specialized skills. The rewards of success are exciting, but a few mistakes can lead to failure and embarrassment for you and your company. In this article, we will address some common problems and bad decisions to avoid in copywriting. Whether these errors stem from poor choices or careless writing, it’s crucial to prevent them to maintain professionalism and maximize business opportunities.

1. Typos, Wrong Words, and Careless Mistakes:
Typographical errors, incorrect word usage, and other lazy mistakes can significantly impact your credibility. Even if your audience understands your intended message, professionalism should be paramount. Establish a reliable editing and proofreading process to ensure all published content is error-free.

2. Balancing Sales and Information:
While your ultimate goal is to promote and sell your product, bombarding customers with constant sales pitches can backfire. Just like TV channels and newspapers, which strike a balance between ad space and engaging content, a proficient copywriting firm in Bangkok should find the right equilibrium between providing information, entertainment, and driving sales.

3. Avoid Excessive Brand Repetition:
While it’s essential to increase brand visibility, excessive repetition can annoy and alienate your audience. Consider how you react to websites with intrusive pop-up ads or auto-links that redirect you without consent. Overzealous marketing tactics can drive people away. Strive for subtlety and effectiveness rather than overwhelming users with your brand presence.

4. Embrace White Space and Simplicity:
Don’t succumb to the temptation of cramming every inch of your advertisements with information, promotions, and fine print. Embrace white space and simplicity to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Remember the simplicity of Google’s homepage and how people respond positively to visually appealing and straightforward messages. A clear and concise message can captivate your audience, leaving them eager to learn more.

5. Authenticity Over Constant Superlatives:
While enthusiasm is important, a constant barrage of superlatives can come across as insincere or desperate. Instead of repeatedly proclaiming that you are the best, show your audience who you are through engaging descriptions, reviews, and testimonials. Describe the taste, preparation, and service of your food, or showcase your cocktails with enticing visuals. Let your audience form their own opinion based on the authentic experience you provide. Focus on convincing them to visit, as satisfied customers will naturally return if your offerings truly stand out.

Preventing mistakes from the outset is always preferable to rectifying them later. If your copywriter misrepresents your company’s image or fails to capture the brand’s essence, rectifying the issues can be challenging. By following this concise guide on the do’s and don’ts of copywriting in Bangkok, you can ensure a positive first impression and present your company’s best face to the world.

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