Copywriting in Bangkok 5 Tips for Success – and 5 Traps to Avoid (Part 2)

As we saw in Part 1copywriting in Bangkok is an art form and a challenge, requiring a special set of skills. With success, the rewards can be exciting indeed; but with a few mistakes, real failure and embarrassment can be the result – for you and for your company as a whole.

Here are some problems and bad decisions to avoid, whether they are the result of poor choices or careless copywriting. No one is immune to making mistakes, but these bad results often come from people who are new to copywriting in Bangkok.

Mistake #1: Typos, wrong words and other lazy mistakes. The examples below probably all came from mistakes made by native speakers. Even if your audience understands what you’re really trying to say, professionalism is everything in the world of business. Make sure you have a reliable editing and proofreading process for everything you publish.

Mistake #2: Sell sell sell sell sell! Your bottom-line goal is to promote and sell your product, so you should always be doing that, right?

Wrong. Each sale is a transaction between your company and your customer. If your customers lose their patience with you because you’ve spent every moment trying to get them to open their wallets, they’ll just go somewhere else.

TV channels and newspapers make all their money selling ad space, but you don’t see them removing all their interesting content and filling the extra space with more ads. If they tried that, you’d go elsewhere for your news and entertainment. Any good copywriting firm in Bangkok should be able to find the right balance between information, entertainment and sales.

Mistake #3: Keep reminding everybody who you are. You want your name and your product out there, so why not force it? Well, because if your brand’s marketing is too repetitive or too annoying, people will turn away.

Ask yourself: What do you think about websites that have pop-up ads, or automatically open new tabs in your browser, or have auto-links that take you directly to the app store even if you didn’t want them to? What do you think about flashing, animated buttons that push for your attention on the screen?

They keep trying to pull you into using their service, and – be honest – your only wish is to run away as fast as you can. Any kind of hard-selling, or over-enthusiasm, will cause that reaction, whether you’re digital marketing in Bangkok through your website or in the real world. You might trick a few people into buying your product, but is that really the kind of company you want to be?

Mistake #4: Use every bit of space in advertisements. If you’ve bought a half-page ad in a newspaper or magazine, you may be tempted to use all of it. (You paid for it; why let it go to waste?) But if you fill every inch with details, promotions, offers and fine print, your audience will just glance at it, see that it will take them too much work to read everything you’ve written, and then turn the page.

Don’t be afraid of white space. Simplicity is your friend. Remember how Google’s homepage looks? People respond to advertisements and websites that make them feel good – and often a clear, simple message is all you need in order to interest them. If your copywriting firm has done that part well, the audience will want to find out more, and that’s when you can give them the full details. Let your audience have some silence and empty space, and help them fill it with their imaginations, like in the “choose one” example below.

Mistake #5: It’s super-cool, amazing and so fantastic! Yes, yes. We know. You have the best food in Bangkok, the best drinks in Bangkok, the best atmosphere in Bangkok and the best staff in Bangkok.

Of course enthusiasm is a good thing … but if you’re always enthusiastic, is starts to sound like you’re shouting. And besides – of course you think you’re great. You’re you. It’s much more believable, and more effective, if you just show who you are (or share reviews and testimonials about you) and then let your audience decide that you must be the best.

Your food is really the best? Describe how it tastes, how it’s made, how it’s served. Make me feel like I’m in the dining room with you. Show us a photo of your cocktails, and make sure I can imagine the atmosphere of the place. It isn’t necessary to convince your audience that you’re the best. It’s necessary to convince them to *come*. If you’re really the best, they’ll keep coming back.

Remember, it’s always better to prevent mistakes beforehand than to have to clean them up afterwards. If your copywriter has painted the wrong image for your company, or styled the brand the wrong way, it will take a great effort for even an excellent English editor to turn those problems around. With this short guide to the do’s and don’ts of copywriting in Bangkok, you are in a better position to get things right the first time, and show your company’s best face to the world.

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