Digital 2022 Report Reveals Interesting Trends for the Year Ahead – Part 1: Introduction

With the rise of global digitalization and the significant social and economical impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, “business as usual” seems a thing of the past. This year’s Digital Report reveals that the connected world is growing even faster than it did before the pandemic.

2021 saw several leaps in technology that changed the landscape of how people use the internet, potentially disrupting the way that the world does business. The digital space is constantly evolving and adapting to these changes – especially with increased internet access drawing in greater numbers of users all around the world. 

The popularity of social media continues to skyrocket as people around the world turn towards digital news and entertainment, with Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp coming in as the most popular social media platforms. Social commerce rose rapidly as more people started shopping on social media platforms, and costs of social media ads continued to climb. 

In this multi-part series, our digital agency in Bangkok will walk you through the biggest insights and recommendations from the report.

A swiftly changing digital landscape

As we entered the second year of the pandemic in 2021, people around the world adjusted more fully to virtual learning and working from home. More people spent time in the digital space than ever before, with internet consumption reaching more than 12 trillion hours spent online. 

However, trends constantly change as new cultural and technological conditions develop, and so it is worth asking: What will 2022 look like for digital marketers?

The Digital 2022 Report offers key insights based on data and social predictions, helping businesses to build the right marketing strategies based on the year’s data and statistical trends. The report reveals what businesses should focus on to get ahead of the competition, while giving insights surrounding audience behavior and pointers for cross-channel marketing.

As with last year, we’ve picked out the highlights of the 2022 report – which you can read in full here. In this series, our digital marketing agency in Thailand will summarize the most interesting parts of the 300 page report into smaller, easily-digestible parts. 

Has internet use been overtaken by social media? Do people spend more time on their phones than their computers? Is video really the future of online content? And on which platforms should companies focus their advertising?

Stay tuned for our series, where we’ll address these and other questions to help you prepare your marketing strategies for the exciting year ahead. 

The digital landscape is full of ever-evolving challenges. However, with our analysis, you’ll be ready to create the best marketing strategies for 2022 – placing you ahead of the competition this year and beyond.


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