How Kim Kardashian Built Her Personal Branding in the 21st Century

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Standing out from the crowd is all about mastering content strategy, content creation, and content distribution on social media.

This task is by no means easy, and you may need guidance. You’ll be tempted to follow the latest trends – but this strategy is a double-edged sword, as it could result in your brand disappearing into the sea of established businesses. So what’s the point of following cultural shifts? Why should we care about the latest trends dominating the market?

To shed light on this situation, our video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand takes a closer look at one of the most successful personal brands: Kim Kardashian. We uncover 3 important lessons from her brand-building efforts, which can help your business thrive in a competitive market.

Keeping up with the latest trends

For people with strong personal brands like Kim K, staying up to date with trends is an excellent way to redefine your persona. From sex tape scandal, to reality tv star, to fashion icon, to business mogul, Kim Kardashian has used cultural trends as a tool to help her image evolve over the years. In order to survive in today’s fast-changing social media landscape, being able to adapt your personal image is crucial. Still, if you desire to lead the pack, it doesn’t hurt to be a little bold every now and then.

Honesty is the best policy

There are an estimated 60,000 multinational corporations in the world today. Behind most of them are armies of marketing departments at their disposal in order to promote their products and services. For most of them, authenticity is a major issue – as looking “professional” is a must. However, in the pursuit of professionalism, corporations may come across as boring or disingenuous. This effect turns many viewers away from any marketing strategy that these multinationals are trying to convey.

While Kim Kardashian also has a fleet of marketers at her beck and call, at the end of the day she makes sure everything she says is true to her personal beliefs. If you’re looking to forge a genuine connection with your audience, staying true to your core values and beliefs will go a long way in helping you build a strong personal brand.

Kontroversy. Kontroversy. Kontroversy.

As the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. Perhaps the truth isn’t quite so absolute, but there is a kernel of truth here. Yet most businesses, especially those in the B2B space, would much rather play it safe than produce polarizing content.

What businesses and personal brands can learn from Kim Kardashian’s fearless friendship with controversy is that even if your target audience reacts negatively to your content, you are not necessarily hurting your personal brand. For example, Kim Kardashian telling women to ‘get … up and work’ may have caused an uproar online, with some saying Kim’s remarks were insensitive and hypocritical. Yet her personal reputation did not worsen, and the entire episode kept people talking about Kim Kardashian.

When we take a step back, we see more clearly how icons like Kim stays one step ahead of the game. As she and others have discovered, using trends wisely, staying honest, and sticking to your core values can help you build a strong personal brand.

If you’d like to get started, our executive branding service in Bangkok can help. We will develop your executive branding strategy, connect you to your target audience, and create relevant content to build credibility and set yourself up as a thought leader in your industry.


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