How To Improve Your Company’s Reputation Online: Bangkok social media management

How To Improve Your Company’s Reputation Online: Bangkok social media management

Social media marketing in Bangkok is an integral part of daily life: whether for buying clothes, catching up with the latest celebrity gossip or finding out what you should spend your money on at the cinema.

In this context, if SMEs are not taking full advantage of their online opportunities then an enormously lucrative market is going to waste. This post will tell you how our social media strategy got us to page one on Google, and how you can do it, too:

1) Website Content. Lexicon ranks on the first page of Google for many of our key terms. This has come as a result of careful analysis, a deep understanding of Google’s complex algorithms, and the professional copywriting agency in Bangkok and SEO optimization of the written content on our site. These days Google rewards quality above all else so make sure you have a talented writer on your team when writing your website content.

In only a few months of operation, Lexicon has achieved positions on Google worth many thousands of dollars. We provide many Business Communication services in Bangkok, including copywriting and we are keen to get all of them on the first page. Do you ever go to page two on the search results? Most people don’t. On Google, page one is everything.

How to make it to page one? The secret is to have compelling, well-written content throughout your site.


2) Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok. Another key area for Lexicon has been effectively engaging with social media.

Through Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter andInstagramwe have built up a large audience for our blog posts. However, these posts make up only a small percentage of our social media output; instead, we share articles and images to educate and entertain our followers. These can by funny memes, instructional videos or even movie recommendations. The key is engagement. When people think ofcopywriting agency in Bangkok, and a translation service in Bangkok , we want them to think of Lexicon first.

3) Thought Leadership through blogging. Offering such a wide-range of services gives our team at Lexicon HQ lots of topics to discuss in their blog posts, and we try to publish one or two articles per week on interesting contemporary topics.

All of these people are experienced leaders in their field and by sharing their thoughts and expertise, our readers get a free service, while we also get to share ideas with the Bangkok Business community, hopefully earning some goodwill along the way, as well as enhancing our professional image with potential clients.

4) Personal Video Content

Lexicon has an in house video production agency in Bangkok, which means we are able to create compelling and visually interesting video content for our clients and ourselves that can be used across the internet.

Conclusions. The above advice is a four part strategy that can help any Bangkok SME looking to stand out from the crowd. I recommend delegating the management of your social media presence to somebody in your firm, or bringing in a specialist. Lexicon provides outsource s social media marketing and many more digital marketing services in Bangkok.

You can even outsource your entire online presence, including social media and Google ranking, as well as ghostwriting your blog on your behalf to help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. We can write on any topic you choose and we’ll research trending topics relevant to your industry.

As a part of a start-up enterprise myself, I know how hard it is to establish a unique identity online and to get those all important Google rankings. So, if you are based in Bangkok and I can be of any help to you, please contact us

About the Author

Steve Callerame has been a Twitter user since day one and has over 20 years experience telling stories on social media for clients.

Lexicon is an award-winning brand storytelling agency focusing on telling impactful stories for clients based in Thailand and South East Asia.


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